Hey! I am Ethan Ankenbrandt, a St. Charles native. I loved growing up and exploring the greater St. Louis area with all it had to offer.  My choice to attend UMSL was backed by the strong psychology department in which I'm majoring, as well as the diverse student population which enhances the learning environment.  It is my firm belief that getting heavily involved in college allows for the most enriching educational experience.  I wanted to participate in the UMSL community as an FYE mentor to give incoming students resources that I highly appreciated when I took FYE myself.  I am excited to be working with a large and varied group of students and help guide them toward their future goals and endeavors.



Hey there, my name is Ivana Nanthavong! I am from Belleville, Illinois and decided to come to UMSL and major in Psychology after I attended Youth With A Mission.  I love that UMSL is pretty close to the city and how we have a very diverse campus including many people with different backgrounds. I'm excited to work with FYE because I know how hard transitioning into college can be and I want to help make it as smooth as possible. I'm excited to see people grow and step out of their comfort zone!



What's good, everybody?! My name is Rana Jchaj, but I also go by the name of Sohail. I was born and raised in St. Louis and I currently reside in St. Charles. I'm a mathematics major at UMSL and I plan to get my master's and PhD within the field here because I enjoy the diverse and humble atmosphere that this campus has to offer with its unique students and staff and that is something I look forward to seeing even more of as I work with FYE.   



My name is Marowa Alzori pronounced as Marwa from Dammam, Saudi Arabia. I am Computer Science major. I enjoy reading, painting, crocheting, and planning activities. My favorite thing about UMSL is Cultural Diversity and I enjoy working with international students as the President of International Student Club and also as International Student Orientation leader.  My favorite memory from my first year is taking a lot of interesting courses and my favorite place at UMSL is the Bugg lake and the Rec Center. I look forward to meet you all and work together and learn from each other. 



Hey!  My name is Nkazimulo Sibanda, but you can call me Nkazi! I come from Zimbabwe, a beautiful country located in Southern Africa. I moved to St. Louis about 5 months ago to begin my computer science degree at UMSL, and I don’t regret it at all. UMSL has proven to be a stellar institution with an outstanding faculty. Personally, I’ve been so impressed with UMSL’s diverse spectrum of opportunities, which unquestionably cater for a wide array of interests. Being an FYE mentor exhilarates me because I get to be a part of UMSL’s greater mission; I get to impart a piece of UMSL into another individual who will then carry on the legacy!



My name is Alexis Moore and I am a transfer student. I chose UMSL because they're really diverse and meeting different types of people is something I've always loved. My major is Biology and my ultimate goal is becoming a doctor. I love my community and those around me! 



Joshua Kee is a Junior at UMSL. Getting his degree in Business Administration with a Financial emphasis, with a minor in Economics, he plans to pursue a career in either the Investments industry, or in the Stock Market.  He is a St. Louis resident, and loves making new connections via coffee meetings.  His hobbies include: Church involvement, Dancing, Volleyball, Ultimate Frisbee, or anything involved in helping other around him.


Hi everyone! My name is Laci Rowings and I am currently a junior pursuing a Bachelor of Arts in Biology and a minor in Psychology, as I am declared pre-medicine. This is my second year as a Peer Mentor for University Studies, as working with incoming students and welcoming them to campus is my favorite part. I was born in Indiana, however I have grown up here in St. Louis. I am actively involved on campus and always encouraged to look for new ways to grow. My favorite pastime is playing sports and I love to travel and explore the world. I'm looking forward to getting to know you all and working with you! 



I’m Sierra McAlister, a senior here at the University of Missouri – St. Louis ! I am a St. Louis native and my favorite thing about UMSL is its diversity within the student population. I enjoy giving back to the community and am looking forward to helping first year students navigate the campus.

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Hi my name is Tanner Gross, I come from a very small town called Chebanse Illinois which is an hour or so south of Chicago. I am a communications major while minoring in media studies and focusing on marketing. The thing that I like most about UMSL is the small home feel that the campus gives with the moderate sized classrooms which allows the students to really connect and get to know each other. I also enjoy the clubs and organizations, I currently am involved in one organization called Revolution Campus Ministry where I am the SGA Representative. I am looking forward to helping students get a head start at college that I did not have when I first started college.


My name is Kyle Lackey and I recently moved back to St. Louis from Sheboygan, Wisconsin. Following my associate's degree from St. Louis Community College, attending the University of Missouri – St. Louis for my bachelor’s degree in Business Administration with an emphasis in Management was an easy decision. One of my favorite thing about UMSL is the inclusiveness of the campus. I look forward to making the campus more inclusive and connected with first-year students as we explore ways to help them leave their legacy at this university. 


Hi everyone, my name is DeeDee Effinger. I am from St. Louis, Missouri and I am a junior mathematics major. I love UMSL not only for the amazing education I get, but for everything there is to do outside of the classroom! When I was a first year student, my FYE course and mentors changed how I viewed college. My mentors connected me with all of the resources on campus and all there is to do outside of just goint to class. I can't wait to meet new students and welcome them to the triton family!


My name is Mia Jones and I am from Steele, Missouri. As a student here at the University of Missouri – St. Louis, I study Criminology and Criminal Justice along with Social Work. I love UMSL, because of diversity and the different opportunities that a student can/will receive. For example my journey includes, working in Operations as a Student Event Assistant, becoming President of Associated Black Collegians, volunteering with UMSL Students of Service, working with First Year Experience (FYE), and so much more. I am looking forward to helping guide the new students in their journey in becoming a tremendous Triton and excelling in the classroom, on campus, as well as off-campus.


Year Junior 
Major Accounting and emphasis in information systems 
What I like most about UMSL is the opportunities that they provide to their students. What I am excited most about this upcoming fall is meeting our first year students and hearing them share their stories. 


Hello! My Name is Aliyah Barrett and I moved to Saint Louis two years ago from Kansas City, Missouri which is where I was born and raised. Even though I love my city I knew that moving to Saint Louis to receive my B.A in Communications was the right move for me. I love UMSL because of its distinctiveness and unique opportunities for all of its exclusive students. For example, FYE! I’ve sincerely enjoyed working with the class because it highlights how much of an influence students have on the growth and connectivity of our campus. We watch one another flourish and with that growth we create a better community to learn it, strive in, and to succeed in.