On behalf of the faculty, staff and students that comprise the family that is the College of Arts and Sciences I want to welcome you to the academic center of The University of Missouri-St. Louis. UMSL is Missouri's public, metropolitan research land grant university. Grounding in the arts and sciences is the intellectual base for advanced study and research in academic disciplines, for professional training, and for responsible citizenship. Students in our classes engage in creative and critical thinking, learn to analyze multiple sources of evidence and appreciate pattern in complexity, reflect on important issues of the past and present, hone their ability to communicate effectively both orally and in writing, and prepare themselves to benefit from changes in the workplace that require well-educated employees.

As the campus's oldest and largest college, Arts and Sciences takes special pride in its nearly 300 professors, all of whom hold earned Ph.D. degrees or other appropriate terminal degrees. These teacher-scholars teach approximately a thousand courses annually. Often small in size, these courses enable students to exchange ideas and information with peers as well as the professors. Whether completing general education requirements or pursuing a specific degree, students have the opportunity to learn from internationally renowned faculty such as E. Desmond Lee Professor Patricia Parker (Biology), Distinguished Teaching Professor J. Martin Rochester (Political Science), Curators' Professor John Gillingham III (History), Curators' Professor Richard Rosenfeld (Criminology and Criminal Justice) and Curator's Professor Robert E. Ricklefs (Biology) the only scientist in the state of Missouri admitted to the National Academy of Sciences in 2009. These professors as well as all of their colleagues in CAS provide neary 4,000 undergraduate and 800 graduate students with a wide range of accredited baccalaureate, master's and doctoral degrees and multi-disciplinary certificates through 18 departments, the Institute for Women's and Gender Studies and the School of Fine and Performing Arts. While completely committed to student success, our programs and courses are of high rigor and are designed to yield degrees that are highly valued throughout the academic and professional world.