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Internet Basics
School of Business: Understanding and Building WWW Pages
Yahoo! World Wide Web
Yahoo! Computers and the Internet
Yahoo! World Wide Web
Internet Searches

Styles and Content

UM - St. Louis Web Office
UM-St. Louis Web Help
Copyright Law
Yale CAIM Style Guide
Composing Good HTML
New York State Guide to Developing Web Resources
From Grass Roots to Corporate Image
IS World Net Engine: How to Design WWW Pages
Issues of Design Practice
Web Development in the Classroom: Web Site Building for Kids!


How to Create Web Pages Using Netscape Composer
Publishing on the Web: How To Create a Web Page Using HTML and Netscape Page Composer
Netscape Composer: An Introduction
HotDog from Sausage Software, Inc.
More development Tools
A Virtual ToolBox

Creating Web Pages

HTML Goodies
Creating a Web Page at UMSL
An HTML Primer
HyperText Markup Language
A Beginner's Guide to HTML
HTML Refernce Library
HTML Tags: The Reference
Web Weaver's Page
A Sample Home Page for Students
An Alternate Sample Home Page for Students
Web Reference
Web Business

Graphics and Images

Clip Art Collection
Image Collections


Web Page Counters
Formsevlet Instructions


Basic JavaScript Examples

Web Accounts at UMSL

UNIXhelp for Users
UM-St. Louis Student Gateway
Student Dialup Instructions
FTP Help

More Information

EDUCOM PUBLISHES STANDARDS FOR DIGITAL LABELS: Educom has devised a set of digital labels, called metatags, that can be embedded in educational documents, making it easier for search engines to find them on the Web. The metatag specifications are posted on the Instructional Management Systems Web site < >, and documents containing metatags will provide information about the page's contents, its title and publisher, and when it became available online, among other things. The tags could also include information such as whether a license is required to use a particular software program. The introduction of metatags will enable computer companies to build educational software around a common labeling standard. (Chronicle of Higher Education 10 Apr 98)

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