Information Systems
College of Business Administration
University of Missouri - St. Louis
. Overview of Methodologies
. The Life Cycle
. Software Development Methodologies
. The Waterfall Methodology (generally not respected): click here and here

. A General View of Methodologies: click here

. From Design to Design Thinking

. Enterprise Methodology: click here

. Diagram of a Methodology: click here

. Named Methodologies:
. Rapid Applications Development -- Slide 1
    RAD -- Slide 2
. Agile Methods
    What is XP?
    What makes XP Different?
    Three Processes
    XP Time Scales
    Extreme Programming
Object Oriented Development -- Use Cases
Design Thinking and Human Centered Design
. An overview of Human Centered Design
. Tom Kelly speaking on Design Thinking
. What is Human centered Design
. What is Human Centered Design
. Secondary Research
. Methods
Rational Unified Process -- Slide 1
RUP -- Slide 2
Hatley - Pirbhai Methodology
SAP Methodology

. Soft Systems Methods
. What is Design Thinking
    Design Thinking Blog
    Even More about Design Thinking
    Emotional Design Thinking
    Methodology and Deliverables
    Human Centered Design
. Comparisons of Methodologies

. IBMís Design-Centered Strategy to Set Free the Squares
Their definition of human centered design thinking: "Look at problems first through the prism of usersí needs, research those needs with real people and then build prototype products quickly."
Let's talk more about human centered design
. A Different Methodology: click here

. More Detail on Processes: click here

. Other Process Details: click here

. Overview of an Actual Methodology: click here

. More Detail on that Methodology: click here

. Methodology Tools -- Necessary Deliverables: click here

. Methodology Tools -- Project Management Guidelines: click here

. Methodology Tools -- Estimation Guidelines: click here

. Methodology Tools -- Potential Sources of Failure: click here

. Methodology Tools -- Necessary Skills: click here

. Overall Concern: click here

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