Left to right (back): Mari Cruz Jaramillo, Alonso Bussalleu, Whitney Collins, Patricia Parker, Cindee Rettke, Lisa Rois, Lauren Sage, Abdulhadi Alotaibi.
Left to right (front): Dan Hartman, Fidisoa Rasambainarivo , Gideon Erkenswick, Samoa Asigau, Alicia Marty, Courtney Pike.


Gideon Erkenswick Host-Parasite Interactions of Peruvian Primates
Daniel Hartman Transmission of Plasmodium in the Galapagos Islands
Lisa Rois Population Genetics of the American Burying Beetle
Alicia Marty Primate Behavior, Endocrinology, and Reproduction
Courtney Pike The role of Philornis downsi in avian disease transmission in the Galapagos Islands
Whitney Collins Conservation Medicine
Fidisoa Rasambainarivo Conservation Medicine
Mari Cruz Jaramillo Avian Malaria in Galapagos Birds
Samoa Asigau The role of mosquitos in transmitting avian malaria in the Galapagos archipelago

Lab Manager

Cindee Rettke

Former Students

Abdulhadi Alotaibi
Alonso Bussalleu Cavero Effects of Conservation Efforts on Breeding Success of Humboldt Penguins
Iris Levin Galapagos Seabird-Parasite Interactions
Jose Luis Rivera Seabird Lice Distribution in Galapagos Seabirds
Jeff Ettling Spatial Ecology and Population Structure of Armenian Vipers
Allisyn Gillet Ectoparasite Host Switching and Conservation
Eloisa Sari Biogeography of the Galapagos Flycatcher and Its Parasites
Robert Meile Computer Simulation of Parasite Transmission in the Galapagos Penguin
Jamie Palmer Seroprevalence of Malarial Antibodies in the Galapagos Penguin
Karen Dematteo Postdoctoral Associate. Effects of disturbance on distributions of carnivores in Argentina
Jenni M. Higashiguchi Ecology and Evolution of Infectious Disease
Ana Agreda M.S., 2002. Population dynamics of avian river island specialists.
Nidia Arguedas Ph.D., 1999, OSU. The contribution of seasonal migration to gene flow between breeding populations of neotropical migrant songbirds; (currently GIS specialist, Cleveland Metroparks)
Patricia Baiao Ph.D., 2008. Origin and maintenance of morphological variation in red-footed boobies. Currently Director of Amazon Program for Conservation International, Brazil.
Jennifer Bollmer Ph.D., 2008. Evolutionary ecology of Galapagos hawk and MHC variation in hawks and penguins. (currently postdoctoral associate, University Wisconsin-Milwaukee)
Caroline Duffie M.S. 2006. Population genetic structure of the Galapagos flightless cormorant (Phalacrocorax harrisi). (currently PhD student LSU)
John A. Eimes M.S. 2004. Distribution of reproduction in cooperatively breeding Mexican Jays. (currently Ph.D. student, University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee).
Anthony Fiumera M.S., 1997, OSU. Genetic diversity in captive breeding programs of cichlid fishes. (currently faculty member, Binghamton University)
Kathryn P. Huyvaert Ph.D. 2004. Mating systems and demography in the waved albatross. (currently faculty member, Colorado State University)
Thomas C. Jones Ph.D., 2000, OSU. Costs and benefits of delayed dispersal in the subsocial spider Anelosimus studiosus. (currently faculty member, East Tennessee State University)
Kim Lundy M.S., 1996, OSU. Routes to reproductive success in cooperatively breeding Arabian babblers.
Jane Merkel M.S. 2007. Microfilarid parasites of Galapagos penguins and Galapagos flightless cormorants. (currently Zoological Manager, Saint Louis Zoo)
Benjamin Nims M.S. 2006. Genetic structure and genetic diversity of the endangered Galapagos penguin. (currently high school biology teacher, Maplewood-Richmond Heights, Saint Louis)
Tigerin Peare Ph.D., 1996, OSU. Conservation genetics of green sea turtles; the effects of philopatry and multiple paternity. (currently Director of Science at Pacific Crest Community School, Portland, OR)
Julie Rieder M.S., 1996, OSU. Multiple paternity and effective population size in leatherback turtles. (currently postdoctoral associate, Colorado State University)
Charlotte Roy Nielsen Brood parasitism and female philopatry in wood ducks. (currently Waterfowl Research Scientist, Minnesota Department of Natural Resources)
Diego Santiago Alarcon Ph.D. 2008. Galapagos doves and their blood parasites. (currently staff scientist with Institute for Ecology, Xalapa Mexico)
Shane Siers M.S. 2006. Ecological correlates of pathogens in Galapagos avifauna. (currently PhD student, Colorado State University)
Monica Soria M.S. 2006. Avian seed dispersers of invasive Rubus in Galapagos. (currently teaching environmental biology in Galapagos Islands)
Carl Toborowsky M.S. 2006. Feeding ecology of the brown lemur in Madagascar. (currently in Anthropology graduate program, U. Texas - Austin)
Noah Whiteman Ph.D. 2005. Coevolution of hosts and parasites. (currently faculty member, University of Arizona )
Brad Worden Ph.D. 2000, OSU. Sexual selection and parasitism in the grain beetle, Tenebrio molitor.