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English 313

Visual Communication

There are many different facets of communication. In this course, visual communication is given particular attention due to its important role in both business and technical writing. Moreover, the visual aspect of communication is an important ingredient of Web-based communication.

In the context of the Web, visual communication is essential. It is the most important tool for communicating via the Internet. This key aspect of communication can be utilized anywhere from the design of one's web site, down to merely sending an email.

Throughout English 313, various methods and techniques of visual communication are introduced and practiced. Students will learn to consider the style of communication used. Word choice and sentence structure are studied to examine how these affect the message being sent. In terms of the Web, the delivery of visuals is studied (including text, graphics, interactive links, monitor speed, size, and layout). The arrangement of web pages, site architecture, links, navigational choices and devices are looked at to see how visual communication through the Web can be improved.

Students have the opportunity to practice what is discussed through email discussions via a list serve, and through the design of several web pages.

A more traditional method of visual communication in business and technical writing is practiced when each students gives a presentation to the rest of the class. This gives the students a chance to see the challenge of communicating visually, as well as a chance to use Power point. Power point is a powerful tool used to give visual context to presentations, which the students learn and practice using.

English 313 allows students to work with and study the technology of today, and explore how it may be better used to enhance visual communication.

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