SLACRR 2017 Program

All talks are in the Moonrise Hotel. 

Sunday, May 21

5:00-6:45 Keynote address: Kieran Setiya (MIT)

7:00 Dinner
Later Drinks @ Moonrise Hotel Rooftop

Monday, May 22

Stephen White (Northwestern)
“Predicting failure”
Chair:  Rima Basu (USC)
10:35-11:50 Rachel Johnson (Trinity)
“Practical deliberation and background conditions on normative reasons for action"
Chair: Zoe Johnson King (Michigan)

11:50 Lunch Break
1:45-3:00 Kevin Dorst (MIT)
“Evidence: A guide for the uncertain”
Chair: Laura Callahan (Rutgers)
3:20-4:35 Michael Titelbaum (University of Wisconsin–Madison)
“Reason without reasons for”
Chair: Nandi Theunissen (Johns Hopkins)
4:55-6:10 Ralph Wedgwood (USC)
“Against evidence”
Chair: Charles Bouchard (Rutgers)
7:00 Dinner
Later Drinks @ Moonrise Hotel Rooftop

Tuesday, May 23

9:00-10:15 Renee Bolinger (USC)
“The rational impermissibility of accepting racial generalizations”
Chair: Julianne Chung (Louisville)
10:35-11:50 Matthew Smith (Leeds)
“Rationalize this!”
Chair: Devlin Russell (Toronto)
11:50 Lunch Break
1:45-3:00 David Horst (Unicamp)
“How is reasoning norm-guided?”
Chair: Gregory Antill (Claremont McKenna)
3:20-4:35 Amy Flowerree (Northwestern)
“Alethic reasons for action?”
Chair: Jamie Fritz (Ohio State)
4:55-6:10 Daniel Fogal (Uppsala)
“Structural requirements and the primacy of pressure”
Chair: John Keller (Niagara)
7:00 Dinner
Later Drinks @ Moonrise Hotel Rooftop