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Vicki Sauter's Internet (and other Computer Topics) Links

I have tried to pull together links on the various aspects of using the internet (and other aspects of computing) into one place for easy access and use. If I have missed something, or if you have suggestions, please email me.

Surfing the Web



HTML and Web Design


Cascading Style Sheets




Newsgroups and WebRings


Faculty Support Tools from my Studio Class

A Prayer for the Road
May you connect us in peace, and surf us in peace, and get us to our destination site in peace. And disconnect us in peace and inexpensively, and save us from the grab of viruses and from falls, and from all types of junk sites, and immorality that lure in the virtual world. May you bless the doings of our mouse and may we find grace from every screen, and may you hear the voice of our wallet, because you listen to prayers and pity us, and protect us from wasting time.

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