Information Systems College of Business Administration University of Missouri - St. Louis

Surfing the Web

Organized Listings such as:
@Brint: Source for Business, Management and Technology
Knowledge Connections
Yahoo's Business Listings
Yahoo's Electronic Commerce Listings

Individual or Organizational sites such as:

Listings of Interesting Sites
Chesterfield Day School
Musee Louvre
Smithsonian Museum

Lists of "new" sites or "cool" sites such as

Netscape's What's Cool
Netscape's What's New

City or State Pages such as:

St. Louis
USA Virtual Tourist

Corporate sites such as:


Professional Organizations such as

IS World

Search Engines

PC Magazine Online's 100 Top Websites

Creating Web Pages

Creating a Web Page at UMSL
A Beginner's Guide to HTML
Web Monkey
The HTML Primer
Vicki Sauter's HTML Help
World Wide Web Structure

Internet Basics

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