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Prototyping Example

  The web page shown below was announced by Microsoft through an email that read:


Now is your chance to tell us what you think the next version of the Technet Home page should look like. We'd like to get your opinion so that we build the kind of home page you would like to use. Simply click on the link below and cast your vote for the page you think best delivers the kind of technical deployment, maintenance and support information you need everyday.

Be sure to tell us what you like about the sample you've chosen. If there were elements you liked in a sample you didn't choose, tell us about those as well.

We appreciate your input and look forward to improving our Web site based on your preferences.

The TechNet Web Team

The image below is a (nonfunctioning) replica of the page. The original page allowed users to view four possible pages and then cast their votes. The four possible pages were:

| sample 1 | sample 2 | sample 3 | sample 4 |

Note how these possible pages are simply graphical representations of how the page would look, and do not have any functionality built in them yet. This is a great example of how protoypes can be used to interact with users to determine their visual and functional preferences.

voting sample page

The original page was located at:

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