Information Systems
College of Business Administration
University of Missouri - St. Louis
Prototyping Example

Consider the following 10 questions. In each case, the answer can be found on the IS website. Answer the question (briefly) and provide the URL that took you to the answer.

1. What company employs the most UMSL MIS alumni?

2. Suppose you were trying to reach Frank Carpenter, who is an alumnus of the IS Program. Where does he work and what is his email address?

3. You are in Design and need to use COBOL. Are there web resources that can help you?

4. Who were the speakers at the last ISPC meeting?

5. Who was the first recipient of a PhD in IS at UMSL?

6. If you want to subscribe to the IS Listserv, how would you do it?

7. What three books are required for Dr. Joshi’s database class?

8. What scholarships are offered by the IS Area?

9. Computer science and Information Systems grew out of different disciplines. What were they?

10. How many mentors are there in the IS Mentoring Program?


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