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Information Systems Analysis
Group Forming Assignment

Once all the student resumes are available, I will post them on my Web site with randomly assigned identification codes. You will be put in temporary groups to review these resumes and create teams of 3-5 members each.

Your goal is to create a set of good systems analysis teams. They must be similar in capability across teams, and have sufficient diversity of skills within teams to expect that all will be successful. In addition, you must provide a justification for why you created the teams the way you did. This justification must reflect the systems analysis needs discussed in the text and in class as well as your experience in working in teams.

The grading of the assignment will reflect your ability to operationalize the systems analysis team needs by creating groups of approximately equal capability of success and to justify the approach that you took in creating those teams. (I will use the results of this assignment to form the actual teams for the projects.) Each group will provide a team assignment sheet (on which every resume is assigned to exactly one group), plus up to three pages of justification.

There will be five areas of grading.
1. What criteria were chosen and their relative importance (with justification).

2. What criteria were not chosen and why.

3. How were criteria operationalized? (How did they decide who was high/low on various categories.)

4. Why did they decide on the size of groups?

5. Did their efforts reflect the procedures they justified in items 1-4?

Possible Point Distribution
Area 1. 35 points
Area 2. 10 points
Area 3. 20 points
Area 4. 20 points
Area 5. 15 points

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