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Home Sweet Home

Tom and Mary decided that the time has come in their life to build their dream new home to suit and meet their demands of increase in comforts and living standards. Tom had cautioned Mary few times that we need to wait for the right time but Mary kind of ignored his advice as she doesn't want to delay her dream project anymore. In fact, the real estate market is not looking great at the moment and for the next few years and lot of pre-closures of homeowner mortgages happening around the country in the recent times. Tom eventually agreed to her interest and dream goal after all Mary is her better half and he don't want to create any further disappointment to her. Without giving deeper thoughts to their financial planning, they entered into new home purchase and focused on building the home including all luxury in-home improvements to suit their needs that further increased the cost of the home significantly. As soon as the couple moved to the new home, unfortunately, Tom had to go under long term disability and Mary got laid off at her job. The couple got into a tangle where they can't think of paying the home mortgage in the near future unless one of them goes to job soon. To make the matter worse, the couple had no option but to sell their dream house in order for them to get out of this trouble situation.

Moral: You can technically implement a system with your personal dream vision of thoughts but it may end up neither being a cost effective solution nor fulfilled the organizationís intended business goals and objectives. In other words, if the feasibility systems analysis process is not done adequate enough to analyze stuffs like what it takes to implement a cost effective solution, what risk factors exist with the proposed solution, how it will benefit the business needs in the next few years based on the organizational goals and objectives, the implemented system will potentially cause significant financial losses and moral dissatisfaction to the organization.

These stories are adapted examples written in my class, IS 6840 (formerly MSIS 488).
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