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The Frog

A frog that lived in a deep well since he was born looked up and saw that the sky is just as big as the rounded top of the well. He thought he had everything he needed in the well for a happy life and has no intention on finding out way to explore the outside world. After all, the universe is as big as the well. As time went by, the well dried down to the bottom, the food is gone and he ended up death since he could not jump out of the deep dried well from the bottom.

The frog could avoid his death if he did not prejudge the size of the universe outside his current comfortable place and planed to explore the outside world while his living condition is still good and the water is still high enough for him to make a jump.

Moral: Methodology is needed in project management since it provides proven working approaches in managing and solving problems with open-mindedness and without prejudgment. By following methodology, project manager will be able to identify and provide proper solution(s) for future problem(s) instead of being comfortable on what is working now and struggling when a problem or a wave of problems occur.

These stories are adapted examples written in my class, IS 6840 (formerly MSIS 488).
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