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Whale Tales

Once upon a time there was a pod of whales living together in the Pacific Ocean. This group of whales had been together for many years. One day, Willie, the leader of the pod, hired "Moby Consulting" to develop new fishing plans for the pod. After swimming with the pod for twelve months, the whale leading the project at "Moby Consulting" recommended a new way for the pod to fish. This consultant recommended that the pod surround schools of fish, then each whale could take turns eating as the other whales were forcing the fish towards the eating whale. Willie thought that this was a great idea and planned to start implementing the new procedure right away. Willie met with the members of the pod to tell them that "Moby Consulting", the best consulting company under the sea, had developed new fishing procedures for the pod. Willie said that the new procedures would start the next day when they went to catch fish to eat. The whales did not like the idea of someone else deciding how they should fish but no one wanted to leave the pod, as they had been fishing together for many years. On the first fishing trip, the whales formed a circle surrounding the fish and began to force the fish towards on the whales. When it came time to force the fish towards Willie, all of the whales just swam way, letting Willie's food swim away.

Moral: It is important to involve the users during the improvement process in order to increase the chances of the new processes being accepted.

These stories are adapted examples written in my class, IS 6840 (formerly MSIS 488).
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