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The Warrior and the Island

Once upon a time there was a young man who was preparing to become a warrior for his country. As part of his training the King of the village decided to send the young man to a remote island for two years on a small boat with only enough food for him to survive. The man would need to create shelter and live in solitude for only the two years. Upon his return he would become a strong fighter for his country and win the respect of the King.

While on the island the man was able to survive but was very lonely. He waited for the day he would return to his country and become the strong warrior he had always dreamed of becoming. One night while on the island, a magical bird visited the man on the island. The bird was sent by the King to grant the man one wish. The young man was excited and thinking only of his loneliness quickly wished to have a companion join him on the island. The bird looked disappointed but granted the young man his wish.

The next day a beautiful woman appeared on the island. The young man was elated to finally have anther human accompany him on the remote island. The two quickly fell in love and longed for the day they could return to their country to be married. As the days progressed the man began to realize the consequences of his wish. He only had enough food for him to sustain for the two years, his shelter was only suitable for one person and the boat on which he arrived on the island was only large enough for one person to return. The young man could not bear the thought of leaving the woman he now loved on the island alone while he returned to his country. The two were forced to stay on the island together and live a life of poverty and despair. They never returned to their country and he never fulfilled his dream of becoming the respected warrior for his country.

Moral: The moral of this story is the entire environment must be considered when analyzing a system and making recommendations. Often users only know what they want right now and do not consider the overall impacts of these requests on future systems or on the entire environment. These environmental factors can severely affect the effectiveness of changes to existing systems or the addition of new systems. It is the role of the systems analyst to identify these environmental factors and ensure they are included in the cost, benefit and risk analysis of the potentia

These stories are adapted examples written in my class, IS 6840 (formerly MSIS 488).
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