Information Systems
College of Business Administration
University of Missouri - St. Louis
Final Paper/Presentation

Define scope of proposed system in terms of its functions, users, dimensions and constraints

Identify the problem that is being solved
Perspective of the client
Perspective of the stakeholders
Perspective of the users

Evaluate the proposed system in terms of organization's business need

Produce a rough estimate of the system size, costs, schedules, etc.

Identify how proposed solution would impact environment:      
Raw Materials      

Consider the physical, environmental, and operational constraints into system constraints.

Evaluate gross estimates of costs and benefits for various solutions

Evaluate business need for various systems; Identify Deliverables

Provide a prototype of the solution that helps client visualize possible solutions

Compare the business needs and the cost/benefit analyses of systems; Prioritize soltions

Propose one or more systems – provide brief descriptions of systems, needs and costs/benefits

Provide evidence your solution will succeed

Deficiencies in current system
Benefits of proposed system
Other Systems
Questionnaire Results
Analytical results
Multiple perspectives

Identify deliverables of proposed solutions

Proposed tentative schedule for the delivery of key stage deliverables

Define the benefits of the system. Include both quantitative and qualitative measures

Develop detailed set of user-specified requirements for the new system

Identify problems and opportunities      
from your analysis      
from client’s perception      
from stakeholders’ perceptions

Create data flow diagram of current and proposed system

Create use case diagram of current and proposed system; Provide one or more use case narratives

Provide a Data Dictionary of terms that might be used in the new system

Recommended design alternatives: prototyping techniques, phased development, etc.

Recommended implementation techniques, self code purchased packages, or external development

Develop system test plan

Identify system controls

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