Process Implementation

Make the Change Meaningful

One might assume you wouldn't have reached this point in the analysis if the project wasn't worthwhile. However, an analyst should adhere to a do no harm philosophy throughout the entire analysis process. This means understanding that abandonment, although only as last resort, is a viable resolution if the alternative would only do harm. Cecastion of a project is often viewed as the same as project failure. However consider a scenario where you've analyzed the data and the methods in practice are as efficient as current technology allows. In this situation the analyst has no other option but to recommend no change at all. While the change was not meaningful in this example, the analysis was.

Another aspect of making the project meaningful is to address the resistance, not just avoid it. As explained through this paper, resistance to change isn't always entirely unjustified. It's important to decipher what is valid and what is not. Resistance can also provide valuable insight into the overall value of the project. A wise analyst will listen to the opinions presented and recognize that to ignore them, is folly.

While change is a strategic imperative for employers, it also is vital to note that (remaining) employees determine the ultimate success of such changes. Put another way, negative employee reactions are potentially highly consequential as they can severely impede the realization of the intended benefits of change. It therefore is essential for organizations implementing change to better understand employees' negative reactions to change in order to manage outcomes more effectively.

Mel Fugate, Gregory E. Prussia and Angelo J. Kinicki (2010) Managing Employee Withdrawal During Organizational Change: The Role of Threat Appraisal, Journal of Management, Vol 38 No 3, Page 891

Lastly, it's important to remember that while you may believe the change will be valuable to the organization, you shouldn't forget that the processes and changes you implement will have a lasting effect on an organization. Long after you've began analyzing the next problem or process, these employees will continue to use the solution you developed. It's important to get it right because there is a lot riding the recommendations you make.