Change Resistance

What server?

What tools an internal guidelines must be considered during the analysis process? Many organizations have strict rules in regards to what can or cannot be done when developing a solution. Many of these are logical such as what type of software, hardware, or interface the solution must conform to. Others are less apparent such as where the company is located, what other vendors do they work with, and if the solution has a budget able support it over time. These questions are often answered by asking the right questions to learn about these limitations which are often simply overlooked by the client themselves.These types of influences are often referred to as organizational assets although they can be liabilities as well. Take for instance an organization still employing an outdate email system. This type of limitation might prohibit the analyst form using a technology solution that would otherwise make the project a simple one. It's important to understand that as an analyst you're inheriting the problems and solutions that came before you. Unfortunately this can be a hinderance as much as a help. An analyst would be poorly enabled to make a successful recommendation if he or she neglected to factor in organization assets.