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Social Networking 101: The Fundamentals of Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter
Vicki Sauter, Professor of Information Systems


. What is a social networking service?

     . an internet-based service that allows us to interact with others
     . there are many available

. Why use a social networking service?

     . share ideas
     . share activities
     . share events
     . share interests
     . meet people
     . find people (with whom you have not communicated for a while)
     . blogging (and microblogging) your ideas
     . play games and participate in other activities  

. Who uses social networking services?

     . Facebook:
         largest usage worldwide
         general connections with friends and relatives
     . LinkedIn:
         largest usage in North America
         business connections
     . Twitter:
         fastest growing

. How do you use social networking services?

     . Facebook
     . LinkedIn
     . Twitter  

. How to find me

     . Facebook: Vicki TheGeek Sauter
     . LinkedIn: Vicki Sauter
     . Twitter: @VLSauter
     . Email:
     . My Home Page:
     . This Page:  



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