Information Systems
College of Business Administration
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IS 5800 -- Management Information Systems
Section G01 Schedule -- Spring, 2010

Answer each question clearly and neatly. Type (wordprocess) the answer to each question. Answers to individual questions may be no more than 2 pages each, double spaced with 1" margins. If I cannot read your answer or understand your grammar, or if you provide multiple answers, the answer will be wrong.

You may have notes, books or other reference materials that you desire. However, you must do the exam alone. This exam is due at the beginning of class on Wednesday, March 17. Turn in hard copy of the exam -- do not email the exam to me.

Each question is worth 33 points. The last point will be granted if you put the questions in order, staple your exam and remember to put your name on it.

1. Suppose your IT department has announced that it wants to move its computing "to the cloud." You have been asked by the chief officer of your division (chief financial officer, chief marketing officer, etc.) to write a two page summary of what that would mean to your department. In particular, you have been asked to summarize what it would mean and whether it is likely to be good or bad for your department. You may answer this question with regard to the real business at which you work or any scenario you might want to construct. Share a short description of your perspective at the beginning of your answer.

2. Compare and contrast the experience with blogging that you found in your group project with that discussed in A Blogger in their Midst (see mygateway). In particular, discuss the kind, tone and purpose of the blogs in terms of the needs of the industry you studied in your group project (furniture, sports outlets, airline industry, beer industry, etc.). If you believe that your industry would be better served by having bloggers such as those in the article, how might you bring that to happen in a company? If you believe that having bloggers such as those in the article would be bad for your industry, how would you address their existence.

3. Consider the arguments proposed by Carr in his Harvard Business Review (available on mygateway) article and his followup article linked from the current page, the responses (some on mygateway, some on the current page). Consider Carr's main arguments and discuss why you agree or disagree with them in terms of the industry for which you work (or a made believe industry). Be as specific as possible in your arguments.

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