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  • Facebook
    .Facebook IS Area Page
    .Wikipedia: Facebook
    .YouTube: The Truth about Facebook
  • Additional Facebook Resources
       .Official Facebook Blog
       .Inside Facebook Blog
       .Facebook Code of Conduct
       .YouTube: Facebook Documentary
       .YouTube: Facebook on 60 Minutes
       .YouTube: Facebook on 60 Minutes - 2
       .YouTube: The Facebook Skit
       .Comparing Fan Pages to Groups
       .How to Create a Fan Page and some Applications
  • Advice about Facebook
       Facebook Features
       Criticisms of Facebook
       Business Friendly Profile
       Business Applications
       32 Ways to Use Facebook for Business
       12 Ways to Use Facebook Professionally
  • How many users of Facebook?
    WSJ says: As of December 2009, there were over 350 million users
    Official Statistics
    Facebook which grabbed its 300 millionth user in September, 2009. It has captured 58.59% of all U.S. social network visits in October 2009, compared to 19.94% the year before.
    In early in October, a study commissioned by Robert Half Technology, an IT staffing firm found 54% of U.S. companies say that they have banned workers from using social networking sites like Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and MySpace while on the job. The study also found that 19% of companies allow social networking use only for business purposes, while 16% allow limited personal use.
  • Example Uses
    Daughter of ousted GM CEO takes revenge online
    Facebook employed in search for missing Rockefeller
    Auschwitz Museum embraces Facebook
    Facebook and the 2008 Election
       ABC News Joins Forces With Facebook
    Phishing Scam Targeting Facebook Users -- link the Facebook group to the website
  • More than half of UK employers research job candidates online

  • How to decline Facebook friends without offence

  • Recommendations for Professional Use of Facebook
    Create a Powerful Profile
       Use the "about me" to describe your business or what you do
       Use the information box to feature your website, blog or other resources
    Build Your Contact List
    Communicate with Wall Posts -- easily keep in contact with your colleagues
    Update Your Status -- use it to share tips, promote events and even boost sales
    Participate in Groups
    Build Your Friends List -- use two way communication to build relationships
    Create Fan Pages -- business or brand an identity on Facebook
    Applications -- You can have developers build applications to help promote your business, or use one of the applications that is there
    Advertising -- In addition to making your presence known by being there, Facebook has a powerful advertising engine that enables businesses to target ads to demographics
    Polls -- You can get a quick answer to options you are considering, or just about the demographic ... good way to keep users engaged.
    Facebook "connect" -- enables your website to easily integrate with Facebook. With Facebook Connect, webmasters can allow users to authenticate with their Facebook credentials, find friends who also use your site, and publish activity on your site through their Facebook feeds.
    Build in Useful Applications
       Google Calendar (public calendar)
       Extended Information (extra fields to the information section)
       My LinkedIn Profile (link either on the wall or in the boxes)
       My Stuff: makes it easy easy to add content that contains embed code such as a video, or slideshow presentation
       Networked Blogs:
       FBML: allows greater customization of information
       Events: advertise things happening in your business
       Notes: allows you to write longer, more substantive pieces
       Discussion Board
  • Facebook Group vs Facebook Fan Page: What's Better?

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