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Mr. Navarro has been on the UMSL faculty for nine years. He is an Assistant Teaching Professor in the Information Systems and Logistics and Logistics Operations Management departments and an Executive Fellow of the University of Missouri - Saint Louis Executive Leadership Consortium. He has also taught at the Washington University in Saint Louis, Webster University, and the Missouri University of Science and Technology, formerly the University of Missouri Rolla. He spent the Spring semester 2009 as a Visiting Professor of Information Management at the Huazhong University in Wuhan, China. Navarro retired from the Boeing Company in 2005 after 42 years; his most recent assignment at Boeing was as Director of Information Technology and Corporate Business Systems Architect, responsible for IT systems technologies and directions for the corporation. His previous assignments included serving as Director of Information Systems, Director Systems and Processes Integration/JSF, Director of Quality Systems Integration, Chief Engineer - Chief Software Technologist, and Chief Engineer - F/A-18 Ground Systems.

Navarro graduated from Purdue University with a Bachelor’s Degree in Aeronautical Engineering in 1964, and holds Master’s of Science Degrees in Mechanical Engineering and in Computer Sciences and a Master’s of Business Administration; he was awarded a Professional Degree in Aerospace Sciences by the University of Missouri - Rolla in 1994. He is an Associate Fellow of the American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics (AIAA), a member of the Association of Information Sciences (AIS), a member of the Association of Business Process Management, and is a member of the UMR/MUST Academy of Mechanical Engineers.

Dick and Virginia, an Associate Professor of Teaching and Learning in the College of Education, University of Missouri - Saint Louis, have been married for 43 years and have four children, three daughters in law, and five grandchildren: Paul, 41, is an attorney; he and his wife Marybeth and their daughter, Kate, live in North Carolina. Kevin, 38, is a middle school teacher and Associate Head of School; he and his wife Jessica and their son Dylan and daughter Annabel live in Saint Louis. Jon, 33, is the Clean Air Program Coordinator for the Raleigh / Durham area; he and his wife Tara and their daughter Jenna and son Ryan live in North Carolina. Claire, 28, graduated from UMSL with a Masters in History and Museum Studies and is employed by Washington University as the College of Arts and Sciences’ Publications Editor. When Dick is not teaching, volunteering at the Saint Louis Museum of Transportation, or reading his e-mail at home he can often be found in the basement of their 90 plus year old home working on what will some day be the finest HO-Scale model railroad in Glendale.

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