Peter H. Handel

Professor, Department of Physics and Astronomy

University of Missouri-St. Louis

(since 1969)

1965 Ph.D. in Solid State Physics
University of Bucharest, Romania
Accredited in the Federal Republic of Germany
1959 M.S. in Physics with highest honors
University of Bucharest, Romania

Curriculum Vitae


Synopsis of Scientific Contributions 
     General Quantum 1/f Noise Bibliography

Main Scientific Contributions:

The Quantum 1/f effects

Contributions to the Theory of instabilities and turbulence in Semiconductors, Plasmas and Metals

Inclusion of Spin-Orbit Effects into the Index of Refraction Formalism For Slow Neutrons.

A Many-Body Theory of Static Electrification in Clouds and Thunderclouds 

The Solution of the "Excess Heat" Paradox in Electrolytic "Cold Fusion" 

The Solution of the "Excess Heat" Paradox in the "Patterson Cell" and Discovery of a New Physical Effect 

The Maser-Soliton Theory of Ball Lightning 

Discovery of the Universal Cause of Fundamental 1/f Noise Spectra 

Discovery of Two Relativistic Rocket Optimization Theorems 

Discovery of the 1/Q4 -Type of Phase Noise and Improvement of the Leeson Formula 

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