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2008/02/17: Uses for surprisal-based measures like bits and bytes have broadened considerably beyond heat capacity since this paper was published back in 2003. Here is a more recent summary of surprisal-measure apps in thermal physics, and here is a note on everyday apps along with links to a elements of the wider footprint.

2003/11/15: The paper was published at AJP in November 2003. Go here for the published PDF as well as information on related papers in the works. Go here or here for more general highlights from work from in our lab.

2002/07/15: This paper was updated and revised in early July 2002 for submission (at last!) to American Journal of Physics. The figures (in color) have been re-organized to facilitate intra-system comparisons, and (with help from RevTeX4) are now incorporated into the text.

A pdf version of the revision can be found HERE.

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