Military Service Credit


Credit may be allowed for service training programs conducted by the various Armed Forces branches. The American Council of Education’s recommendations in A Guide to the Evaluation of Educational Experiences in the Armed Services generally serve as a basis for granting such credit.

 ACE  recommends  3 levels of credit award within higher education institutions – Vocational (V), lower-level baccalaureate(L) and upper-level baccalaureate (U).  UMSL accepts only upper-level credits for transfer course evaluation. Credit, when awarded , is applied as approved elective credit towards degree completion and is usually no more than six ( 6) credit hours. To count toward a degree, the credit granted must be appropriate to the student's curriculum.

To have military credit evaluated, the university must receive an official transcript from ACE. SMART transcripts can be obtained directly from the Operation Centers at or by calling 877-838-1659. 

 A preliminary review of credit is conducted and individual courses may be sent to the academic departments for further evaluation by appropriate faculty.

For more information regarding credit transfer for service training program , please contact Lisa Stageman at 314-516-6815 or