Learn More about Landscape Paintings

Artists working in one geographic region naturally create works that include images, topics and concepts that are unique – or at least better known – in that region. This is true for many of the artists whose work is featured in this exhibition. However, artists’ works also respond to issues of national importance, and an understanding of these issues can expand our appreciation for the image.

These brief essays provide additional information about selected topics related to artwork in the exhibition. The essays may be directly accessed from the page for their related painting or from this list of links. They are listed here alphabetically by subject for easy reference and are provided in pdf format.

Artists and the National Parks Movement
Breweries and the Commercial Growth of St. Louis
Forest Park in St. Louis
The Gentleman Explorer
Lafayette Square
Missouri Mule
Missouri Life
The Ozarks – A Geographic History

Poetry and Painting in Works by Frederick Oakes Sylvester
Powell Enters the Grand Canyon
The Sketch as an Artistic Tool
The Taos School
The Transcontinental Railroad
The Works Progress Administration Federal Arts Program

Brining Art into your Classroom: Landscape Lesson Plans
These materials are designed to provide teachers with an overview of the topics and artwork in this exhibition. This information can be used before and/or after a visit to the physical or online exhibition. Educators should adapt these materials according to the grade level and ability of their students.

How to Use these Materials – an overview of the learning goals for these materials and a guideline to talking about art with young people.

Artists as Explorers – develop critical analysis skills through examination and discussion of key topics such as the role of the artists who first document America’s westward expansion and the impact of the images they created.

Forests and Treescapes – explore artists’ depictions of trees to expand art vocabulary and develop deeper appreciation for this important natural resource through classroom discussion, style identification worksheets and a classroom art activity.

Missouri Geography and Ecology – students will identify key elements of Missouri Geography and to examine paintings for clues to the geographical area they depict.

The Mighty Mississippi River – learn more about the history and significance of this major American waterway through a mapping worksheet, examining paintings of river life, and comparing old and new images of cities along the river.

Exploring Neighborhoods Through Art – explore the concepts of community and neighborhood through discussion and activities that start with E. L. Kerasek’s Lafayette Square and expand to include the students’ own neighborhoods.

Landscape Glossary -
A quick-reference list for art terminology associated with landscape painting.

Bibliography -
For further reading about landscape painting and American Art.