Research and findings of nutritional values that deal with the cell, the raising of longevity prospects and the prevention and curing of degenerative ocular diseases.

April 13 & 14, 2013 - 12 hrs CEE

JCPenney Conference Center, North Campus, UMSL

Saturday, April 13th (6 hrs)

Michael Fossel, MD, PhD and Dave Woynarowski, MD

 Based on the 2009 Nobel Prize for Medical Research

  1. Basic Clinical Science of Telomeres and Age-Related Disease - 3 hrs
  2. Clinical Intervention - 3 hrs

Wine and Cheese Reception
, April 14th (6 hrs)

Nuran Ercal, MD, PhD

Antioxidants that prevent and may cure cataracts, macular degeneration, etc.

  1. Oxidative stress: consequences and cellular defense - 1 hr
  2. Small antioxidant molecules and their implications in diseases - 1 hr
  3. Effects of glutathione pro-drugs on eye disorders - 1 hr 

Stuart Richer, OD, PhD

  1. The Anterior Segment and Nutrition - 1 hr
  2. The Cornea - our crystal ball to the cardiovascular tree - 1 hr

Jeffrey Anshel, OD

  1. Genes, Food and Chronic Eye Disease the GMO Effect - 1 hr
Photo of book cover and authors

Michael B. Fossel, MD, PhD


Dave Woynarowski, MD

authors of:

“The Immortality Edge”

Photo of Nuran Ercal
Nuran Ercal, MD, PhD
Missouri University of Science and Technology

 Stuart Richer Stuart Richer, OD, PhD
Director, Ocular Preventative Medicine
Lovell Federal Health Care Center 
 Jeff Anshel Jeff Anshel, OD
President, Ocular Nutrition Society