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Regan Gustafson


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Regan entered the UMSL Criminology & Criminal Justice Doctoral program in August 2003 after completing her B.S. in Criminology & Criminal Justice at UMSL in May 2003. She is currently a PhD candidate working on her dissertation. Her primary research interests include communities and crime, with an emphasis on rural communities; criminological theory; and collateral consequences.

Regan is also an Assistant Professor of Justice Studies at Georgia Southern University.

She is currently working on her dissertation. Other recent work includes a multi-level analysis of rurality and approval of violence, an examination of crime trends in Appalachian counties with Curator's Professor Robert J. Bursik, Jr., an empirical test of anomie theory with Dr. Eric Baumer, and a study of the effects of maternal incarceration on offspring involvement in the criminal justice system with Dr. Beth Huebner.

Regan is also the loyal servant of three extremely spoiled pet chinchillas, and an avid African violet and streptocarpus hobbyist.

Phone: (912) 478 5790

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