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Latina/Latino Studies Program


WELCOME to the Latina/Latino Studies Program!

Latina/Latino Studies Program is an interdisciplinary program whose goal is to foster the study of Latinx communities, cultures, and experiences in the United States. The program encourages students to approach Latinx cultures in all their diversity of expression—not only "high culture" but also folk and other forms, from pre-Columbian times to the present, from Puerto Rico Rio to New York, St. Louis, and beyond. In addition to the required “Introduction to Latina/Latino Studies” and a capstone class, the Latina/Latino Studies minor includes classes in history, political science, art history, sociology, and literature, many of which are given online. Not only are we adding more offerings all the time, we want to work with you to help you make minoring in Latina/Latino Studies a reality.

Come graduate with us!

Upcoming Special Courses


FALL 2018


FALL 2019

Latinx Literature (ENGL 4915)

The Chicanx Sixties (HIST 2000)

Introduction to Latinx and Latin American Studies (HIST 2002)

Latinx Activism and the Struggle for Social Justice (HIST 2000)


Latinx Film (ENGL 4915 & GS 4350)

Latinos and the Growth of the U.S. Criminology-Immigration State (POL SCI 2325)

Whose America? Modern Latinx and Latin American Art History (ART HIS 2272)


For more information and advising, please contact:

Professor Deborah Cohen
Director of Latina/Latino Studies and Associate Professor of History
Office: 466 Lucas Hall
Phone: 314-516-5735