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Jay Rounds, Ph.D.
Associate Professor, E. Desmond Lee Professor of Museum Studies and Community History

Fields of interest:
  • Museum studies
Major Exhibits:
  • "The Science of Majic: Movie and Television Special Effects" (national traveling exhibit shown at 14 museums, 1987-1992 (6500 sq. feet).
  • "The Californias: Creating the Future" (official California State Pavilion, Expo '86 World's Fair, Vancouver, 1986 (12,000 sq. feet)
  • "Communicating" (California Museum of Science and Industry, 1984-1996) (6,000 sq. feet)
  • "Wheels of Change" (California Museum of Science and Industry, 1984-1996) (6,000 sq. feet).
  • "Museum of Creativity" (concept development only; 1993-1997) (70,000 sq. feet).

Current research:

  • Long-term processes of change in American museums; Growth and dissemination of knowledge in museology; Creativity in museum exhibit development

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