Course Opportunity

Careers with a History Degree: This 1 hour course is offered in the Spring semester.  It provides an orientation to career opportunities for history majors. It is recommended for majors and minors and is open to students who are considering the field. It explores careers directly related to history and other sectors for which the degree is valuable, including business, law, education, communication and more. Students engage in activities that help them to identify their professional goals, network in the region, and become familiar with internships, minors, and certificates that enhance their degree.

Explore Information on Careers in the Field

Explore careers in a history-related field. The American Historical Association has a number of resources on its website.

Executive Fellows Mentoring Program

The Executive Fellows Mentoring Project is open to all UMSL students. It will benefit History majors seeking work in any career in or beyond history, including jobs in business, education, law, or creative fields.  Students work with a mentor from a group of former senior level executives who volunteer their time to support UMSL students’ transition into the workplace. These small group, three session meetings focus exclusively on what is expected upon entering a professional environment, and how best to build leadership and networking skills to advance within a chosen career. For more information a student should contact Malaika Horne, PhD at 314-516-4749 or Visit the program website.