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College history is not about textbooks and memorization.  It helps us understand change, context, and how our present society came to be.  History is a versatile major that touches upon all forms of human endeavor, from culture and arts, politics and economics, to science, technology, and religion.  The department offers scholarships, internships and innovative classes such as the nationally acclaimed Reacting to the Past program, study abroad opportunities to support your student learning inside and outside of the classroom.

Skills Acquired

History students gather, organize, question, synthesize, and interpret complex material.  They learn skills important to working with people: understanding multiple perspectives and respecting differences.  Students develop communication as they craft arguments and reports of research findings in a variety of media for different audiences.

Jobs and Careers

Employers report a degree from the humanities is desirable for fields that require analysis, communication, and flexibility. Graduates find jobs in diverse careers in the private or public sectors in museums and heritage sites, business, law, project management, teaching, social work, human resources, criminal justice, management and administration, public policy, editorial work, and marketing.