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History Faculty

UMSL’s History Department Degree Program provides students access to a prestigious faculty. Our regular history faculty members hold PhDs and publish extensively in their fields of specialization. At UMSL, you study history with teacher-scholars who write the books read by college students across the nation.

Current Faculty

peter acsayPhone: (314) 516-5700
Email: acsayp@msx.umsl.edu
Office: 407 Lucas

Fields of Interest:
Inter War European Political and Diplomatic History,
New Deal Monetary Policy,
& St. Louis History
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Anne AustinPhone: (314) 516-6021
Email: austinan@umsl.edu
Office: 408 Lucas 

Fields of Interest:
Egyptology, Ancient Medicine, Tattooing,
Hisotory of Health & Disease
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Susan BrownellPhone: (314) 516-6451
Email: sbrownell@umsl.edu
Office: 460 Lucas

Fields of Interest:

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deborah cohenPhone: (314) 516-5735
Email: deborah.cohen@umsl.edu
Office: 466 Lucas

Fields of Interest:
U.S. History
& Mexican History
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dowden whitePhone: (314) 516-5723
Email: padhist@umsl.edu
Office: 475 Lucas

Fields of Interest:
African American History,
U.S. History since 1865,
& St. Louis History
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kevin fernlundPhone: (314) 516-5740
Email: fernlund@umsl.edu
Office: 469 Lucas

Fields of Interest:
Western Civilization,
North America,
& Big History
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andrew hurleyPhone: (314) 516-4805
Email: ahurley@umsl.edu
Office: 417 Lucas

Fields of Interest:
Urban History,
Environmental History,
& Public History
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minsoo kangPhone: (314) 516-5739
Email: kangmi@umsl.edu
Office: 403 Lucas

Fields of Interest:
European Hstory,
Intellectual History of France, England, & Germany in the 18th and 19th centuries
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KellandPhone: (314) 516-5684
Email: lara.kelland@umsl.edu
Office: 418 Lucas

Fields of Interest:
Digital, Oral & Public History,
Collective Memory, 20th Century U.S., Puerto Rico,
LGBTQ History,
& African American Studies
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kara moskowitzPhone: (314) 516-5599
Email:  moskowitzk@umsl.edu
Office:  463 Lucas

Fields of Research:
Modern African History
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laura westhoffPhone: (314) 516-5692
Email: westhoffl@umsl.edu
Office: 471 Lucas

Fields of Research:
Gilded Age and Progressive Era,
American Democracy and Social movements,
& Scholarship of Teaching and Learning History, History of Education

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Affiliated Faculty

Black and white photo of Cass Hammerle

Cass Hammerle (chky4@umsystem.edu) is the assistant director of the digital humanities lab and the program assistant for the Museums, Heritage, and Public History program.

In 2020, she graduated from the MHPH program and has been leading lab efforts since. Their focus interests include the preservation of collective memory and cultural identity and finding ways to involve community members in the preservation of their own stories.

Rob Good

Rob Good (GoodR@umsl.edu) is a retired high school social studies teacher (Ladue High School) and an Adjunct Assistant Professor of Education and History at the University of Missouri—St. Louis. In his 27-year career as a high school teacher Rob focused on issues of equity and inclusion in both the curriculum and the policies and practices of his school community. Rob has a Bachelor’s degree in history from Westminster College, a Master’s degree in history from Ohio University, and a Ph.D. in Education from the University of Missouri—St. Louis. Rob was named the Tachau Teacher of the Year by the Organization of American Historians in 2012, a Peabody Leader in Education in 2015, and the Missouri History Teacher of the Year by the Gilder Lehrman Institute in 2016.

John HooverDirector of the St. Louis Mercantile Library and Associate Director of Libraries for Special Collections at UMSL.

Email: jhoover@umsl.edu


Originally from Corinth, Greece, Nikos Poulopoulos was educated in Classics and Archaeology at the University of California at Berkeley, and in Modern Greek Studies and Philology at Harvard University. His interests lie in the history of ideas and the cultural history and poetics of Greece in the nineteenth and twentieth centuries, particularly narratives of crypto-colonialism, bio-mythologies, reception and transnational studies.  He recently edited a volume on the literature of the Greek civil war for the journal Hellenic Studies, and has prepared a manuscript on Graeculi and roman studies in nineteenth century Greece.   Since 2017, when he received the Stavros Niarchos Greek Diaspora Fellowship, his research focus has been mainly devoted to transatlantic merchant networks and the Greek diaspora during the nineteenth century.  He teaches a wide variety of undergraduate and graduate courses, ranging from fake news and Islam vs. the West, to traumatic oral histories and diaspora studies.

Emeritus Faculty

robert blissPhone: (314) 516-6874
Email: rmbliss@umsl.edu
Office: 412 Lucas

Fields of Interest:
Early modern English empire, North American colonies
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mark burkholderEmail: bburkholder@umsl.edu

Fields of Interest: Spanish and American History
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Email: cooperj@msx.umsl.edu

Fields of Interest: American military history and American history
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fred fauszEmail:  fauszj@umsl.edu

Fields of Interest:
American Indians, Colonial America, Fur Trade, Lewis &
Clark Expedition and Era, French Creole Culture in the
Mississippi Valley, Research Methods
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louis gerteisEmail: gerteis@umsl.edu

Fields of Interest:
History of the Civil War
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steven hauseEmail: steve_hause@umsl.edu

Fields of Interest:
Modern Europe
Social History
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charles korrEmail: cpkorr@umsl.edu

Fields of Interest:
Social History of Sports
Brittain, U.S., South Africa, Tudor-Stuart England
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jay roundsEmail: rounds@umsl.edu

Fields of Interest:
Museum Studies
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