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About the Department


Faculty and students in the History Department are curious and creative. We interrogate the past, not only to understand what came before, but also to understand the present and build the future. Passionate about our research and committed to scholarship in the public interest, we partner with museums, archives, schools, and community organizations to share and develop new knowledge. Our collaborations offer students hands-on internship opportunities. Faculty members bring our diverse backgrounds, experiences, and expertise in a wide range of scholarly fields to our teaching and research.

Majors enjoy small, advanced level classes, ensuring they receive individual attention from faculty committed to their intellectual and professional growth. Our respect for diverse ways of knowing and active collaboration with other departments make History Department courses central to interdisciplinary minors and certificates in African American Studies, American Studies, Latino Studies, and Religious Studies. Graduate student can explore interdisciplinary fields and earn certificates in Museums, Heritage and Public History and History Education.

Want to learn more about us? Check out our Faculty or contact the chair, Dr. Laura Westhoff