Temporary and Guest Housing

From the Division of Continuing Education:

"I'd like to thank you and your assistant for helping make Gregory feel welcome and comfortable in Oak Hall. Gregory was on campus for a two day noncredit workshop. He came in from Ohio and he needed inexpensive accommodations because he was paying the registration fee and travel expenses out of his own pocket. He had missed the email sent to him with instructions on how to reserve his room so when he arrived the arrangements had not been finalized. He said that your assistant took great care of him when he arrived. He couldn't say enough good things about her and the accommodations. This is the kind of service that gives UMSL a great reputation. Thanks for your help." ~Gina, June 17, 2009

From Conference Participants:

"First of all, I would like to say that your assistant is a gem! Please give that girl a raise! She was very accommodating and quick with any problems that arose that I had witnessed and worked very hard on Saturday . . . . She was also very nice and genuinely interested in our hobby to play along with us. You have a wonderful person on your staff and you should keep her for as long as you can!" ~Tina, July 2009

"The campus and rooms were very clean, it seemed very safe and having the Metro right there was so convenient. All in all, I was impressed with the UMSL campus and dorms. It was lovely!" ~Amanda, July 2009

"I found everything to be really wonderful in the dorms. I have been at other conferences on college campuses and I have to say these were the cleanest nicest dorms I have every stayed in." ~Jennifer, July 2009

"I wanted to contact you to tell you what a fantastic time my sister and I had as guests at UMSL! It is a beautiful campus and the staff we encountered were ALWAYS most welcoming and helpful. They did a wonderful job of checking us in... I would not hesitate to stay at the dorms again. So convenient with metro stops and so much beautiful ground to explore - it was a very, very enjoyable experience. I have fallen in love with what I saw of St. Louis and would love to return to explore it further on my own. The dorms at UMSL would certainly make impromptu trips more affordable." ~Gail, July 2009

"I found the whole experience at UMSL to be fabulous. it was a wonderful setup for a "conference" like ours. The suite arrangement is one I was unfamiliar with, but it worked out great. having the families and singles on separate floors was very smart! The common areas meant there were often people to mingle with, when I found myself at a loss at the end of the day. The fun's over, now what? Oooh, I know - go see who else is lingering! Overall, this was a huge success. The accommodations worked out great, and the registration process was very easy." ~Anderson, July 2009

Provincial House Chapel Weddings

From St. Louis Bride Magazine:

"When Melissa's mother saw the [Provincial House] Chapel's stained glass windows, she burst into (happy) tears and Melissa then knew for sure it was the right place. With beautiful gardens, the magnificence of flying buttresses "reminiscent of Notre Dame" and beautiful hardwood and marble, the Chapel would seat 350 guests... A Chapel staff who powered the 'fun.' Melissa loved working with them." ~Fall 2006, pg. 56

From Our Couples:

"We appreciate all of your help leading up to our big, special day! Thanks for answering all our questions - everything was perfect!" ~Rachel and Kevin, married March 2008

"Our wedding at the Provincial House Chapel was everything we imagined it would be. The chapel is gorgeous and we received many compliments about our beautiful service at our reception later that evening. Allyson and her staff were great to work with. They were all very attentive to our needs and it was obvious that their goal was to make our day exactly what we wanted. We would highly recommend getting married at the Provincial House Chapel." ~Josh and Jessi, married June 2009

"The Provincial House Chapel was the absolute perfect setting for our wedding. It was beautiful and both the wedding party and guests had a wonderful time!! Stephanie, the staff member who worked with us on the wedding day, was very friendly and experienced. Overall, we think we made an excellent choice with the Provincial Chapel and would recommend it to family and friends!!" ~Alexia and Mark, married March 2010

"I just wanted to thank you for all the help with the planning of this wedding. Your patience and understanding made this process simple for me. It isn't easy being the wedding planner sometimes but I had so much help! [The Event Assistants] Stephanie, Barat and Whitni were so very helpful to me on the big day. They made my job simple! They were very polite, cooperative and professional! It was fun to work with them! The chapel was just beautiful and everything went perfectly! Thank you again for making this day special for Ed and Andrea. I hope to work in the Provincial House Chapel again soon!" ~Penny Kimes, Coordinator for Ed and Andrea, married May 2010

"The Provincial House Chapel is breathtakingly beautiful!From its Notre Dame like architectural styling, and gorgeous white marble floors, to the beautiful stained glass windows, it was a perfect place to say 'I do.'
In addition, the Conference and Event Services Staff at UMSL was extremely positive and helpful, and worked to ensure that our perfect day was in fact a perfect day.
Our wedding was amazing--in more ways than we could have imagined!! We are so happy to have the experiences and memories of our wedding at the Provincial House
Chapel." ~Max and Tiffany, married March 2011

"A gem! Despite a freak spring snow storm, the chapel was the perfect venue for our wedding. Everything was beautiful. We highly recommend it!" ~Amy and Mike, married March 2011

"The chapel is absolutely beautiful and requires little to no decorations. This was my dream wedding location and Allyson helped make my dream a reality. Even though we had to finalize our plans from out of state it was very smooth and easy. Allyson answered EVERY call and email. She even met the caterer on our behalf. We couldn't have asked for a better experience. Thank you!" ~Ada and Brandon, married May 2011

"Provincial House is gorgeous; its beauty speaks for itself. And the entire staff went above and beyond all expectations. Nothing less than excellent!"

"Getting married at the chapel was a wonderful experience! The chapel is simply gorgeous, and created the perfect atmosphere for our wedding! The staff was extremely friendly, professional, and accommodating throughout the entire process. Thank you so much for helping make our wedding day perfect!" ~Lauren and Adam, married June 2011

''The Chapel was absolutely beautiful!! I could not have chosen a better location to have my wedding. The event staff (Lauren) was wonderful, also! She was very courteous, professional, and extremely helpful and attentive to our needs. I couldn''t have asked for anything more!!'" ~Shavonda and Harith, married August 2011

"The ladies at Provincial House Chapel were just gems to us. The day was a little piece of Heaven." ~ Natalie and Steven, married June 2013

"This is definitely a wonderful place to get married. The staff (Amber) was beyond amazing and helpful! The chapel itself is gorgeous. The courtyard is beautiful, as well as the gazebo. I highly recommend it to anyone! You made our wedding day purely magical!" ~ Jessica and Lester, married August 2013

"The Provincial House Chapel staff was extremely easy to work with as they were consistently prompt, clear, and friendly. The chapel is a stunning space and the staff is extremely accomodating to make it fit your needs, style, and dreams. They are highly recommended!" ~ Laura and Thomas, married September 2013

"If anyone is interested in using this chapel, don't hesitate. The staff are courteous and of course, the place is gorgeous!" ~ Nathan and Sarah, married January 2014

"Luke and I were extremely pleased with the service we received for our Pi day wedding. The staff overall were very pleasant to work with and answered emails in a timely and professional manner. We have no intentions of getting married again, but if we did, we definitely would choose the Provincial Chapel again!" ~ Reynolette and Luke, married March 2015

"The chapel is gorgeous on its own and requires little to no additional decorations. The staff is very friendly and accommodating to all the wedding party and guests.  One of our groomsman is recently engaged and is strongly considering the chapel based on our experience there." ~ Susan and Gene, married March 2015

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