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Student Social Work Association

The purpose of the Student Social Work Association (SSWA) at UMSL is to initiate and maintain communications among social work students, faculty and the general public in effort to serve as a resource for united action on issues of social concern. The SSWA, a recognized UMSL Student Association, also provides social work students with many opportunities to develop leadership and teamwork skills, to get involved on campus and in the community through volunteering, serving on committees and filling elected officer positions within the association.

If you are a social work student or are considering social work as a major you are already a member of the Student Social Work Association. If you are an UMSL student who is interested in promoting university and SSWA activities that will enhance student education, personal growth, and community involvement, we welcome your involvement with our organization, a recognized Student Association at the University of Missouri -- St. Louis. Please check out our information below or contact any of our board members for more information!

Who We Are

The SSWA is a university organization made up of elected officers, board members, a faculty advisor and the students of UMSL’s social work program.

Mission Statement

The goals of the Student Social Work Association are:

  • To promote Social work standards,
  • To facilitate interactions between the students, faculty, and university administrators,
  • To present a positive image of social work in the community.

If you are an UMSL social work student who is interested in promoting university and SSWA activities that will enhance student education, personal growth and community involvement, the officers of the SSWA encourage and welcome your active involvement within our organization.

2019-20 Executive Board

President Fernande Soler Galindo
Vice President Jane Pauley
Secretary Jenny Camp-Humphres
Treasurer Jessica Laughlin
SGA Rep Diane McCray
Marketing & Social
Media Coordinator
Ryan Humphres
Faculty Advisor Linda Wells-Glover


SSWA Logo 

What We Do

Through SSWA, you are given the opportunity to work with (and get to know) your social work peers, faculty and community - which can be one of the most rewarding and beneficial things you do while in college. We are a group of individuals committed to the same cause - helping others. Getting involved in SSWA will be worth your time!





Social Work Conversations


Chief Operating Officer Stephen Zwolak and Early Childhood Specialist Olivia "Peaches" Lott of the LUME Institute and University City Children's Center sit down with students to discuss a transformative model of quality early care and education.

 Thursday, September 23 at 12:00pm to 1:00pm



Lectures, Seminars and Presentations


Undergraduate Students




Social Work

Courtney McDermott


(314) 516-6387