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Social Work on the Bridge

Social Work took over the MSC Bridge in the Fall and again in the Spring semester to raise awareness of Social Work and social issues.

In celebration of Social Work Month, Social Work faculty and staff connected with the UMSL Community in early March. We posed the question to the UMSL Community: What is the most pressing issue in the upcoming November election? Over 300 people took the time to share their ideas. Among the top issues identified were healthcare, the economy, income inequality, student debt, and climate change.

SOcial Work on the Bridge - most pressing issue in upcoming election

Last November, we posed the question to the UMSL Community: What would YOU change about the world? by the end, 230 people had shared their thoughts with us. Click on the photo below to learn more about this project.

                   What would You Change?

Social Work at UMSL Day

Sharon Johnson, Lori Curtis and Tchule Moore at UMSL Day

Dean Sharon Johnson, BSW Director Lori Curtis, and Academic Advisor Tchule Moore represented the School of Social Work at the Fall 2019 UMSL Day.

Social Work Conversations

Our Social Work Conversations series is designed to engage our social work students with speakers on a variety of important topics throughout the school year. Unless otherwise stated, these events will be held from noon-1pm in the Bellerive Hall Student Lounge.

 November 21, 2019: Cops and Clinicians

Cops and clinicians -  Captain Perri Johnson, Philip Brooks and alum Ryan Smith

Captain Perri Johnson of the 6th District STLMPD and Philip Brooks and alum Ryan Smith from the Cops and Clinicians program speak about the relationship between police and social workers.

October 18, 2019: Social Workers in Public Office

Lisa Clancy - social workers in public office   

Alumna Lisa Clancy talks about social workers in public office.

Sept 12, 2019: Social Work Career Paths

Professors Pickard, Williams, and Easley on Social Work Careers

Professors Joe Pickard, Sha-Lai Williams Woodson and Riisa Rawlins-Easley talk about careers in social work