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The Center for Family Research and Policy is a part of the School of Social Work that engages in research to inform evidence based practice when working with families in need. We believe in a collaborative approach to research: working with communities, area agencies who focus on families and schools, and other academics to better serve those in our community.

Our Vision: To advance knowledge and the application of theory, research and evidence based practice to understanding the complexities and needs of family.

Our Mission: CFRP supports research in collaboration with communities, schools, and family agencies, increasing the relevance of the research. 

Our Objective: Research that informs/enhances:

  • Intervention development
    • Feasibility studies and Experimental studies
  • Community partnerships
    • Implementation of family-based programs
    • Trainings in evaluation of family-based programs
    • Workshops on evidence-based (best) practices
  • Policy Development 
    • Workplace support for families and health initiatives for families

For more information, please visit the links below.

Our approach at the CFRP

Examples of Research and Evaluation

If you would like to be evaluated by the Center for Family Research and Policy or would like a needs assessment performed, please click here.