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Department of Sociology, Gerontology & Gender

The Department of Sociology, Gerontology and Gender offers academic programs in sociology (BS, BA and a minor), gerontology (undergraduate minor and certificate), and gender studies (undergraduate and graduate certificates, and a minor).

At a basic level, sociology is the study of social behavior, groups, and institutions. We explore these topics across the full spectrum of the human experience.  Our integrated department allows us to offer focused explorations of the issues of aging and gender on both individual identity and the structure of the wider society.

Sociology and Gerontology have cross listed classes that work together to enhance scholarly understanding of the opportunities and challenges of human aging. Whether you seek a career in health care, social services, policy, business, or criminology, aging will impact your efforts. The minor or certificate in Gerontology adds a formal credential for future work with and for older adults.

Sociology and Gender Studies have cross listed classes that work together to enhance the scholarly understanding of how society and its institutions regulate and dispense power. The focus of Gender Studies scholarship is on how what we call "race," gender, and socioeconomic status intersect to form not only personal identities but also social values and structures.  Students who plan a career in business, human resources, medicine, education, social work, or the many facets of the justice system will find themselves better prepared for the job market as well as with a developed sense of how institutions function both nationally and globally.  This understanding is an invaluable tool for the workplace and for personal growth. 

Please visit our Programs’ bulletin listings to learn more:  Sociology , Gerontology, and Gender Studies.