Leaves from the Garden of Eden:

One Hundred Classic Jewish Tales

Edited by Howard Schwartz 



I. Summoning the Patriarchs  

II. Four Types of Jewish Tales  

III. The Jewish Mythical Imagination  

IV. What Makes a Jewish Folktale Jewish?  

V. The Stories of Reb Nachman  


  1. An Apple from the Tree of Life  
  2. Elijah’s Violin  
  3. The Witches of Ashkelon  
  4. The Bird of Happiness  
  5. The Golden Mountain  
  6. The Princess in the Tower  
  7. King Solomon and Ashmodai  
  8. The Beggar King  
  9. The Wonder Child  
  10. The Princess and the Slave  
  11. The Golden Tree  
  12. The Mute Princess  
  13. The Enchanted Journey  
  14. The Magic Mirror of Rabbi Adam  
  15. The King’s Dream  
  16. The Exiled Princess  
  17. The Wonderful Healing Leaves  
  18. The City of Luz  
  19. The Boy Israel and the Witch  
  20. The Lost Princess  
  21. The Prince and the Slave  
  22. The Prince Who Was Made of Precious Gems  
  23. The Water Palace  
  24. The Pirate Princess  
  25. A Garment for the Moon  


  1.  Leaves from the Garden of Eden  
  2.  A Palace of Bird Beaks  
  3.  The Maiden in the Tree  
  4.  The Sabbath Lion  
  5.  Katanya  
  6.  The Wooden Sword  
  7.  The Water Witch  
  8.  Drawing the Wind  
  9.  A Flock of Angels  
  10. Milk and Honey  
  11. The Goat Whose Horns Reached to Heaven  
  12. The Golden Dove  
  13. The Twelve Golden Calves  
  14. The Sword of Moses  
  15. The Groom Who Was Destined to Die on His Wedding Day  
  16. The Three Tasks of Elijah  
  17. The Staff of Elijah  
  18. Miriam’s Tambourine  
  19. The Cave of King David  
  20. The Magic Wine Cup  
  21. The Hair in the Milk  
  22. The Cave of Mattathias  
  23. The Prince Who Thought He Was a Rooster  
  24. The Treasure  
  25. The Souls of Trees  


  1.  The Finger  
  2.  The Queen of Sheba  
  3.  The Bride of Demons  
  4.  Helen of Troy  
  5.  The Homunculus of Maimonides  
  6.  The Beast  
  7.  The Haunted Violin  
  8.  The Knife  
  9.  The Charm in the Dress  
  10. Lilith’s Cave  
  11. The Cellar  
  12. The Dead Fiancée  
  13. The Demon Princess  
  14. The Speaking Head  
  15. The Other Side  
  16. Yona and the River Demon  
  17. The Dybbuk in the Well  
  18. The Golem  
  19. The Werewolf  
  20. A Combat in Magic  
  21. The Perfect Saint  
  22. The Bridegroom Who Vanished  
  23. The Lost Melody  
  24. The Demon of the Waters  
  25. The Underwater Palace  


  1.  The Cottage of Candles  
  2.  The Cave of Shimon bar Yohai  
  3.  A Kiss from the Master  
  4.  The Angel of Forgetfulness  
  5.  A Vision at the Wailing Wall  
  6.  Gathering Sparks  
  7.  The Tzaddik of the Forest  
  8.  The Angel of the Mishnah  
  9.  Gabriel’s Palace  
  10. Rabbi Naftali’s Trance  
  11. The Spirit of Hagigah  
  12. The Ladder of Prayers  
  13. The Tree of Life  
  14. The Enchanted Island  
  15. Lighting a Fire  
  16. The Tefillin of the Or Hayim  
  17. The Angel of Friendship  
  18. The Underground Forest  
  19. Reb Nachman’s Chair  
  20. The Soul of the Ari  
  21. The Blind Angel  
  22. A New Soul  
  23. The Tale of the Kugel  
  24. The Ocean of Tears  
  25. The Dream Assembly  



A Note on the Sources 

Appendix A—Sources of the Stories 

Appendix B—Story Cycles 

Appendix C—Countries of Origin 

Appendix D—Specialized Tale Types