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A Transaction Example

Dear on board info customer

You may recently have received an email receipt from us for an on board info product you purchased.

Unfortunately there has been an error with our system that has quoted an erroneous amount in the text you received. Please be assured that the amount on this receipt is NOT the amount you have been debited.

Please ignore this email, we will be forwarding a correct email receipt to you shortly.

Please accept our most sincere apologies for this error, I hope this has not caused too much inconvenience.

Kind regards

Robert Dodson
Marketing Executive, on board info

on board info limited 
21-27 Seagrave Road 
London SW6 1RP 
United Kingdom 

Receipt to: 
 Vicki L.    Sauter
8001 Natural Bridge Rd.
226 CCB
University of Missouri - St. Louis
St. Louis  63212-4499

Telephone: 314/516-6281
E-mail address:
Invoice No: xxxxxxxxxxxx 
Order Date: Wednesday, January 26, 2000 

Dear  Sauter, 

This e-mail is a detailed receipt of your order.

Should you need to download the same software product again, for example after a system crash, 
please go to

This is your order: 

Item                                  Quantity    Net         Sales Tax  Total      
The Economist eCalendar Companion         1       24.99      0.00       24.99  
Total                                    65       1624.35    0.00       1624.35

Actual List Price: 1624.35    You Saved:     0.00

Paid in full on Wednesday, January 26, 2000.

Thank you for shopping with us. 

on board info limited
Never Miss Out 

Tel. +44 (0)870 736 6700
Fax +44 (0)870 736 6701 

Registered office: 
21-27 Seagrave Road 
London SW6 1RP 
United Kingdom 

Registered in England No. 3127520 

VAT No. GB 691 1054 49

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