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General and Overview Resources

E-commerce vs. E-Business
The Web and E-Commerce
E-Commerce Resources
IS World's Electronic Commerce Page
NY Times Special Issue on E-Commerce
Online Pioneers: The Buzz Never Stops
Industry World Tour
Selected Papers on e-commerce
Dirix Marketing E-commerce


A Brief History of the Internet
History of the Internet
The Original WWW: Business Model Lessons from the Early Days of Radio
The History of the Internet and the World Wide Web

Motivation for Participation

Canadian E-Business Opportunities Roundtable
Original 20 Reasons to put your Business on the Internet

Filtering and Sorting Issues

Filtering Information on the Internet
Software Agents and the Future of the Internet

Design Issues

Electronic Commerce Software Tools: Connecting the Front End with Back-End Operations
E-Commerce in 3-D
Using Stickiness to Build and Maximize Web Site Value
Digital Design
Web Metrics
Usability as a Barrier to Entry
Voodoo Usability
When Bad Design Elements Become the Standard
Graceful Degradation of Scalable Internet Services
100hot: The Web's Popularity Guide
Web Counter's List of the Most Popular Sites
Web Statistics Primer
Searching for the Search
E-Commerce Set Free

Integrating E-Business with Traditional Business


Privacy and Security

Failed Blackmail Attempt Leads to Credit Card Theft
Doubts about Technical Systems of Protection
Security and Encryption
Building Consumer Trust in Online Environments: The Case for Information Privacy

Business to Business E-Commerce

The Future of Online Procurement: The Business to Business Bidding Model



Sales and Projections

Cerf's Up: The Future of the Internet
Morgan Stanley Internet Reports

Service and E-Commerce

Intelligent Agents
Buy Here, and We'll Tell You What You Like


Global Electronic Commerce
Information Access in Africa: Problems with Every Channel

Business Models of E-Business

A Framework for Identifying Web-Based Electronic Commerce Opportunities
Questions to Analyze when Developing a Web-based Business
Building a Business Plan for an Electronic Commerce Project
10 Questions on E-Commerce (including What is E-Commerce)
Electronic Contracting in Online Stock Trading


Don't Just Surf; Get things Done!
The Doctor is Online

Taxes and Legislation

E-Commerce Policy


Building Digital Dashboards in Education
Modeling the Clickstream: Implications for Web-Based Advertising Efforts
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Intraware Events
On the Road to E-Business­ Crossing the Web Gap
Literature on the Resource-Based View of Strategy and the "Digital Economy" and Electronic Commerce

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