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Spring, 2000

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Answer three of the following questions. Answer clearly and neatly in typewritten (word processed) form. If I cannot read your answer or understand your grammar, or if you provide multiple answers, the answer will be wrong. The answer for each question can be no more than 2 pages.

You may have notes, books or other reference materials that you desire. However, you must do the exam alone. If you do work together on the exam, or if you copy the answer from someone or if you discuss possible answers, this will result in a grade of zero (0) for all parties involved.

Be specific and direct in your answer. If you have questions about the intent, meaning or purpose of the question -- ASK.

Turn in the complete exam in order, stapled in the upper left corner. These are due to me by Wednesday, May 10 at 7:30 pm. I will be available, especially by email, for questions.

Each question is worth 33-1/3 points.

To ensure confidentiality of grades, I do not post grades and do not provide grade information via telephone or in person at the end of the semester.

If you wish to receive your grade prior to the regular University process, you may provide me with a self-addressed, stamped envelope or postcard. Alternatively, you can email me and request the grade information; I will respond to the email address from which I receive the message.

When I respond, I will provide grades for your case presentation, your group project, your final exam and your term (semester) grade.

  1. Germany and China have laws that prohibit the use of certain kinds of political speech and adult images in the conduct of commerce. Each of these countries has recently taken steps to enforce these laws by prosecuting firms and individuals that violate them while conducting electronic commerce. Outline the problems that such enforcement actions can create for firms and their non-German or non-Chinese customers who engage in electronic commerce.
  2. Elizabeth Bricker owns a gift and card shop. A year ago she hired a Web designer and built a Web site hosted by a national Internet Service Provider. Part of the monthly fee for her merchant site includes the software needed to process credit card purchases, and she obtained a merchant account with a national credit card processing company. Now that Elizabeth's Web-based business is beginning to pick up, she wants to provide more payment options to her customers. Recently, Elizabeth heard about a new type of Web script of Web currency called Flooz which is being accepted at a growing number of stores on the Net. Users purchase Flooz script online at much like they would travelers checks, and use it at selected merchants. Elizabeth has hired you to investigate this new cyber-cash and make a recommendation. Include a description of how one purchases Flooz, how one redeems Flooz, the exchange rate, and current users of the script. Discuss the advantages and disadvantages of using Flooz instead of a credit card. She is particularly concerned with whether it is more or less secure than credit cards, how it is perceived by the public and whether it makes international orders more or less difficult.
  3. Your boss, Plynn Mayberry, is the president of a small plastic parts fabricator, and wants you to look into improving client interactions via EDI. You know a that a number of companies that provide value-added network services (VAN) for companies engaging in EDI, such as General Electric Information Services, GPAS, Harbinger Corporation, IBM Global Services, IMS Network, Kleinschmidt and Sterling Software, have begun offering internet EDI services too. Some of these VAN operators are targeting smaller businesses that, in the past, would not have been able to afford to implement EDI. Choose two VAN providers and examine their web sites. Determine if they are offering internet EDI services, and, if so, whether they are targeting smaller businesses. Summarize your findings.
  4. Both and ZDNET are technology-oriented Web portal sites that include specialty consumer Web auctions devoted to computers and computer-related terms. Some more general auction sites are haggle Online, Onsale or uBid. Discuss how you might adapt one of these sites to make it more valuable for schools and other not-for-profit entities as a mechanism for raising money. (Most schools and many other not for profit operations run auctions to raise money among their portfolio of activities.)
  5. Use the AltaVista Translation web site to translate the following business messages from English to one of the foreign languages available on that site. Translate each message back into English. Write a discussion of the problems you perceive an e-commerce site will have if it depends of service such as these to figure out the content.
  6. The flight has been delayed for several hours and your shipment of components will not arrive as scheduled.

    We would be happy to bid on your proposal; however, we will need the drawings of subassembly #24 and the supervising mechanical engineer's quality control report by next Thursday.

    Our company offers the latest and greatest hot deals on wheels. We would love to send you a brochure that explains why our brakes, wheels and suspension components will do the job for you effectively and economically.

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