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Dear Customer,

We've noticed that many of our customers who've purchased CDs by
Kenny G also enjoy music by Al Jarreau. For this reason, you might
like to know that Jarreau's new album, "Tomorrow Today," has just hit
the shelves. For the next few days, you can order your copy at a
savings of 30% by following the link below:

Jarreau and Kenny G share an acute sense of where pop and jazz meet
to form a smooth amalgam that's sleek and playful. They also share an
appetite for unique musicianship, with Kenny G's saxophone acrobatics
finding a mirror in Jarreau's limber vocal techniques. "Tomorrow
Today" signals Jarreau's return to the recording studio where he's
had tremendous success.

To learn more about "Tomorrow Today," please visit the following page

Happy listening,

Andrew Bartlett
Editor, Jazz

P.S. We hope you enjoyed receiving this message. However, if you'd
rather not receive any future notices of this sort from,
please visit your Subscriptions page:

Please note that this message was sent to the following e-mail

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