Department of Political Science 4-Year Schedule (2018-2022)

Course# Course Name FA18 SP19 SU19 FA19 SP20 SU20 FA20 SP21 SU21 FA21 SP22
1100 Introduction to American Politics X X,O O X X,O O X X,O O X X,O
1200 Foundations of Law O   O O O
1450 Introduction to Labor Studies O O O
1500 Introduction to Comparative Politics X,O X,O O X,O X,O O X,O X,O O X,O X,O
1600 Contemporary Political Ideologies X
1800 World Politics X O O X O O X O O X O
2000 Political Analysis X O X O X O X O
2260 Law, Politics, & Society X X
2280 Judicial Politics & Policy O O O O
2290 Gender & Law X X X X
2300 State Politics X X
2320 African American & Political System X X
2350 Introduction to Urban Politics X X X
2370 The Politics of Identity and Social Justice X X
2380 Politics of Gender in US X X
2400 Public Administration O O O O
2420 Introduction to Public Policy X X X X
2500 Comparing Different Worlds X X
2510 Politics of European Union X X X X
2540 Pol Sys of Mex, Cent Amer, Caribb X X
2580 African Politics X X
2590 Globalization: Prospects and Problems O O
2610 Ancient & Medieval Polit Thought
2620 Modern Political Thought X
2650 American Political Thought X
2800 Contemporary Political Ideologies X X X X
2820 US Foreign Policy X X X X
2850 Gender, Power, and International Politics
2900 Studies in Political Science X X X X X X X X
3200 Constitutional Law X X X X
3210 Civil Liberties X X X
3220 Labor Law O O
3260 Supreme Court O O O
3300 American Presidency X
3330 Public Opinion and Political Participation X
3331 Congressional Politics X X X
3340 Politics & the Media X X
3350 Political Parties & Elections X X
3390 Studies in American Politics
3420 Public & Nonprofit Personnel Mngmt X X X X
3430 Union Leadership & Administration O O O
3440 Public & Nonprofit Budgeting X X X
3450 Urban Administration X X
3460 Politics of Poverty & Welfare X X
3470  Collective Bargaining O O
3480 Environmental Policy X X X X
3500 Middle Eastern Politics X X
3570 Gender, Ethnicity, & Public Policy
3590 Women & Leadership World Wide
3595 Studies in Comparative Politics
3690 Marxist Heritage X X
3700 Nonprofit Organization & Pub Policy X X
3710 Nonprofit Civil Society & Volunteer X X
3800 Media, Film & Int'l Politics X X
3830 Int'l Political Economy X X
3850 Int’l Org & Global Problem-Solving X X
3880 Diaspora Politics, Transnational Remittances, & Global Citizenship X
3890 Studies in Int'l Relations O O
3900 Special Readings X X X X X X X X X X
3940 Public Affairs Internship X X X X X X X X X X
3950 Senior Seminar O X O X O X O
4060 Theory of Decisions & Games
4090 American Govt for the Secondary Classroom X X X X
4510 Comparative Public Policy and Administration
4520 Mega-Cities Diaspora X
4850 International Law X X

D = Daytime, E = Evening, H= Hybrid of online and in person, O = Online, IT=Interactive Television

X = Time and Mode of Instruction to be Determined but is expected to be offered during this semester.

Semester offerings, however, are subject to change based on course staffing and student enrollment.  The course schedule will be updated each semester.