Spring 2020 Political Science Graduate Courses


POL SCI 6401 Introduction to Policy Research: 3 semester hours

Same as P P ADM 6010. Procedures for testing explanations, including research design, principles of measurement, probability sampling, methods of data collection, and techniques for analyzing data.

POL SCI 6402 Intermediate Techniques in Policy Research: 3 semester hours

Prerequisite: Graduate standing and POL SCI 6401. Elementary distribution theory, statistical inference, and introduction to multiple regression. Emphasis on practical applications.

POL SCI 6410 Introduction to Policy Analysis: 3 semester hours

Same as P P ADM 6000. Systematic development of a critical/analytic base for dealing with public policy.

POL SCI 6440 Proseminar in Public Administration: 3 semester hours

Examination of major approaches to analyzing public policies and their administration. Emphasis is on the effects of administrative organization and procedures on policy decisions and their impacts. Specific topics may include administrative accountability, inter-governmental relations,e public-private interaction, implementation of processes, bureaucratic expertise, the legal environment of public service and merit issues.

POL SCI 6448 Political Economy and Public Policy: 3 semester hours

Prerequisite: Graduate standing. This course examines political economy in its contemporary manifestations as public choise and as the study of the ways in which institutional power shapes economic policies and performance. The course explores the origins and major concepts of political economy, the institutions of economic policymaking and economic policies in the U. S. It emphasizes the the consequences of budget constraints inflation, unemployment and sectoral decline on the design and administration of public programs at all levels of government.

POL SCI 6480 Proseminar in International Relations: 3 semester hours

Examination of various approaches to the study of international politics snf foreign policy, focusing on studies of conflict, decision-making, international political economy, and related topics. Included are realist, idealist, and Marxist perspectives.