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Philosophers' Forum Constitution

Article I
This organization shall be known as The Philosophers’ Forum.

Article II
The Philosophers’ Forum is a non-profit organization of students united in their mission to provide a forum for the discussion of philosophers and philosophical ideas, to provide assistance to those with questions concerning both general and specific philosophical concepts, and to discuss career choices for philosophy graduates.

Article III
Membership shall be open to any student, faculty member, administrator or staff person regardless of race, sex, creed, national origin, disability, or other status protected under international human rights law.

Article IV
Section 1. The offices of the group shall be at least (in administrative succession):
a. President
b. Treasurer
c. Student Assembly Representative
Section 2. All student voting members shall be eligible to hold office.
Section 3. The term of The Philosophers’ Forum group officers shall be from Fall semester of the regular academic year to the Fall semester of the following year. Elections for new officers shall be held in the Spring semester.
Section 4. Officers shall be elected by a majority of the voting members of the group during the last month of the Spring semester.
Section 5. Vacancies of officers shall be appointed by election.

Article V
Section 1. General meetings of The Philosophers’ Forum shall be held every other week, as determined by room availability and officers’ class schedules.
Section 2. The first meeting of every month shall be designed as an amateur colloquium, where members shall have an opportunity to present a significant idea or piece of work, either of their own or that of an historic figure, for critique and analysis by the Forum. The alternate meeting shall be aimed at addressing the academic questions and concerns of Forum members.
Section 3. Special meetings may be called by a majority of the group officers, or by a two-thirds majority of voting members present at a General meeting.
A quorum is constituted by at least one officer and two voting members.

Article VI
The faculty advisor shall have no requirements beyond his/her willingness to participate in, oversee, or advise this group. The decision to retain or seek a new advisor will be voted on annually within the last month of the Spring semester of the regular school year. This decision will require a simple majority of voting members.

Article VII
Section 1. This charter shall require a ratification vote by voting members within one month of University recognition. A two-thirds majority among voting members will constitute ratification.
Section 2. Any and all amendments to this constitution must be passed by a simple majority of voting members, after a vote has been approved by two-thirds of the group’s officers.