Philosophy Department News

The UMSL Philosophy Department has a vibrant and fruitful faculty, and also supports its graduate students as they present and publish works.  Below is a list of the latest news by its faculty and students.


Older News 

Jill Delston won the College of Arts and Sciences Non-Tenure Track Faculty Member of the Year Award.

Billy Dunaway won UMSL's Junior Investigator of the Year Award.

Gualtiero Piccinini was promoted to Curators' Professor.

This year's Ronald Munson Essay Prizes in Philosophy were awarded to: 

Undergraduate: Sadie Harris, "In Search of a Meaningful Life"
Graduate: Tomy Ames, "Systems of Memory and the Self"

Samuel Filby (MA student) presented his "Can there be an analytic, existential philosophy?" at the Oxford Postgraduate Conference in Existentialism.

Gualtiero Piccinini's "Nonnatural Mental Representation" is forthcoming in What Are Mental Representations?, Oxford University Press.

Billy Dunaway is the new Book Review Editor for the journal Ethics.

Billy Dunaway's "Epistemological Motivations for Anti-realism" is forthcoming in Philosophical Studies.

Jon McGinnis's “A Continuation of Atomism: Shahrastānī on the atom and continuity” is forthcoming in Journal of the History of Philosophy.

Billy Dunaway and Jon McGinnis won a nearly $1 million grant from John Templeton Foundation to apply medieval Islamic philosophy to contemporary questions about the epistemology of religion.

Gualtiero Piccinini has won the K. Jon Barwise Prize for significant and sustained contributions to areas relevant to philosophy and computing by an APA member.

Eric Wiland's "The Problem of Evil and the Grammar of Goodness" appeared in Religions 9 (2018).

Eric Wiland's "Psychologism and Anti-psychologism about Motivating Reasons" appeared in Oxford Handbook on Reasons and Normativity, ed. D. Star, Oxford University Press (2018).

Eric Wiland's "Peer Disagreement: Special Cases" appeared in Logos & Episteme (2018).

Eric Wiland's "Should Children Have the Right to Vote?" appeared in Palgrave Handbook of Philosophy and Public Policy, ed. D. Boonin, Palgrave MacMillan (2018), 215-224.

Eric Wiland's "Moral Advice and Joint Agency" will appear in Oxford Studies in Normative Ethics, ed. M. Timmons, Oxford University Press (forthcoming in 2018).

Jill Delston won The Emerson Excellence in Teaching Award.

Gualtiero Piccinini's “The Ways of Altruism” (with Armin Schulz), appeared in Evolutionary Psychological Science (2018). https://doi.org/10.1007/s40806-018-0167-3

Gualtiero Piccinini's “Conceived This Way: Innateness Defended” (with Robert Northcott) is in Philosophers’ Imprint

Gualtiero Piccinini's "Physical Computation: A Mechanistic Account" is the subject of an Author Meets Critics session at the Eastern Division Meetings of the American Philosophical Association in January 2019.

Gualtiero Piccinini and Robert Northcott's “Conceived This Way: Innateness Defended” is in Philosophers’ Imprint.

Jill Delston's “Does a Sense Of Benevolence Influence Volunteering and Caregiving Among Older People?” appeared in Social Work Research, Volume 41, Issue 3, 1 September 2017, Pages 155–166.

Jill Delston's chapter, "Public Reason and Its Limits: The Role of Truth in Politics" appeared in Ethics in Politics: The Rights and Obligations of Individual Political Agents

Jill Delston's "When Doctors Deny Drugs: Sexism and Contraception Access in the Medical Field," has been published in Bioethics

Billy Dunaway won a UM Research Board grant for project titled Knowing Reality.

Billy Dunaway is co-editing Meaning, Decision, and Norms: Themes from the Work of Allan Gibbard with David Plunkett. It will be published open-access with Maize Books, and imprint of Michigan Publishing and is (as far as we know) the first open-access edited volume of this kind in philosophy.

Billy Dunaway's chapter 'Realism and Objectivity' has been publishing in the Routledge Handbook of Metaethics.

Billy Dunaway's chapter 'Scepticism' (co-authored with John Hawthorne) has been published in the Oxford Handbook of the Epistemology of Theology 

Gualitero Piccinini has won an NSF Scholars Award for "Explaining Cognition Mechanistically".

Billy Dunaway's "Luck: Evolutionary and Epistemic" is forthcoming in Episteme and is available online.

Jill Delston collaborated with Huei-Wern Shen, & Yi Wang on “Does Sense Of Benevolence Influence Volunteering and Caregiving Among Older People?” in Social Work Research (in Press).

Eric Wiland's "Peer Disagreement and the Dunning-Kruger Effect" is forthcoming in Episteme and can be found online, while his"Moral Testimony: Going on the Offensive" appeared in Oxford Studies in Metaethics, volume 12 (2017).

Lauren Olin's "Questions for a Theory of Humor" is forthcoming in Philosophy Compass, and her "Is Every Epistemology a Virtue Epistemology?" is forthcoming in Epistemic Situationism, Oxford University Press.

Lauren Olin, Thomas Ames, and Şerife Tekin served as critics of Philip Gerrans' The Measure of Madness at the upcoming APA Central.

Laura Miller presented “Adaptive Value: Finding Rationality in the Risks of the Global Poor" at the VIII Braga Meetings on Ethics and Political Philosophy in 
Braga, Portugal on June 8-9, 2017.

Jill Delston has won the 2016 Legendary Triton Award for outstanding faculty or staff member.

Ronald Munson’s Intervention and Reflection, the most widely used bioethics text in the U.S., has appeared in its 10th edition.

Billy Dunaway's "Ethical Vagueness and Practical Reasoning" appeared in The Philosophical Quarterly.

Dunaway will also spoke on "Epistemological Motivations for Anti-Realism" at the Language, Epistemology, and Metaphysics seminar at the Institute of Philosophy in London, 29 November 2016.

Jill Delston & Larry May's Applied Ethics: A Multicultural Approach has appeared in its 6th edition.

Delston planned the 12th Annual Philosophy of Management International Conference at Webster University.

Delston was also interviewed in the Blog of the American Philosophical Association.

Stephanie Ross's "Criticism" has appeared in The Routledge Companion to the Philosophy of Literature.

Thomas Ames (MA student) presented "Intentionality and Aesthetics as Art in Nature" at the Gonzaga Graduate Philosophy Conference.

Thomas Ames presented "Trusting the Group in Pursuit of an Incognizant Common Good" at the Arizona State University Graduate Philosophy Conference and the Midsouth Philosophy Conference.

Ames  also presented "The Population Desideratum" at the Southeast Philosphy Congress, where it will also be published in its proceedings.