3 students with teacher in classroom

I don’t attend UMSL. I go to another nursing school.  May I still apply for the nurse externship program?

  • Yes! The UMSL / BJC Nurse Externship Program (NEP) is open to students who are enrolled in a BSN program and will be classified as senior status by May 2021.  It is required that you are scheduled to graduate from your respective nursing program by May 2022. The NEP is open to students enrolled in any BSN in the country who meet the criteria.  

Do you do rolling admissions?

  • No. All applications are reviewed after the submission deadline of Monday, January 25, 2021.

I just found out about the NEP and may not be able to submit my application by January 25, 2021.  May I submit my application after the deadline?

  • No. January 25, 2021 is the absolute deadline for applications to be received (not postmarked).  Any applications received after January 25, 2021 will not be reviewed.

My school won’t let me use the required NEP course as credit. Do I have to take the course?

  • Yes, the course is required for all students accepted into the UMSL/BJC NEP.  

Will I get paid for the program?

  • Yes! You will receive approximately $4,400 for the 10-week NEP. 

May I still apply if my cumulative GPA is less than 3.0?

  • No. The minimum GPA requirement for the NEP is 3.0 on a 4.0 scale.

What are the out-of-pocket expenses for the NEP?

  • You will be responsible for the tuition costs and fees for the course taken through UMSL.  If you do not live in Missouri or the Metro East area, you will be responsible for out-of-state tuition.

I noticed that I will be charged for fees such as health and student activities.  Am I required to pay these fees if I do not plan to use them?

  • Yes. These fees are set by UMSL and are non-negotiable.

Is housing available?

  • Yes! Housing is available through the University.  If needed, you will arrange and pay for on-campus student housing. We will provide you with the necessary contact information.

What will my schedule be for the 10 weeks?

  • You will be expected to work the schedule of your assigned mentor.  This may include shifts scheduled for days, nights, weekends and/or Holidays.  We will not know your assigned mentor until late April/early May 2021.

When will I receive my schedule?

  • We will provide you with the contact information for your assigned mentor in late April/early May 2021. You may then contact your mentor to begin planning shifts.

May I keep my current job and still participate in the extern program?

  • We strongly discourage working an additional job while participating in the NEP. You are expected to work your assigned mentor’s schedule which may change at times. You will not be excused from your extern role because of job commitments.

May I take classes while in the extern program?

  • It is very difficult to fit a class schedule around your extern obligations. Please do not apply to the UMSL/BJC NEP if your nursing program expects you to attend classes and/or clinicals during the summer.

My family has a vacation planned during the extern program.  May I rearrange my schedule so that I can go with them?

  • You must be available to work all 10 weeks of the program and able to work the shifts of your assigned mentor.

Will I get my first choices of hospital and unit?

  • Every effort is made to place externs in their preferred hospital and/or unit. We initially attempt to place externs in their first choice hospital. Next, we attempt to place you on one of your preferred unit choices. Be sure to correctly follow the hospital and unit selection process on the application. All components of the application are thoroughly reviewed. Be sure to correctly follow the essay guidelines and be specific. Because Barnes-Jewish Hospital (BJH) and St. Louis Children’s Hospital (SLCH) have such large numbers of applicants, these hospitals only select applicants who have indicated BJH or SLCH as first choice hospital. Do not indicate both BJH and SLCH as first and second choices on your application!

When will you review the applications?

  • All applications will be reviewed beginning the second week in February 2021.

When will I be notified if accepted into the program?

  • Notifications will be sent out via email late February 2021.

My application is complete but I do not have the references from my faculty members yet.  May I send the references separately?

  • No. Applications must be complete to be considered. Please do not submit an incomplete application packet.

Will you notify me when you receive my application?

  • You will receive an auto-generated confirmation of application receipt.

How will I be notified if I have been accepted into the program?

  • All correspondence regarding the NEP will be via email. It is very important that we have your correct email address!

How do I know if I am considered an in-state student?  My parents live out of state but I have an apartment in Missouri.

  • The University will make the decision on resident and non-resident tuition. If your permanent address is in Missouri or the immediate Metro East area, you are considered a resident and will qualify for in-state tuition cost. Otherwise, you are considered a non-resident. Your permanent address is the address where you or your parents pay taxes (if you are a still a dependent, you may use your parents’ address). 

Can this nurse externship program help me get a job after I graduate?

  • Yes! Many hospitals use an externship as a criteria of hire for some units (like OR, ER, ICU). Nurse recruiters often give priority to applicants who have participated in a nurse externship program. However, we cannot guarantee that you will be offered a job in the facility or unit that you are assigned to as an extern.

May I apply to the NEP if I am enrolled in an Associate’s Degree in Nursing (AND) program?

  • No. The UMSL/BJC NEP is only open to students enrolled in a BSN program.